06 November 2006

China Town Trip

When I was just a lad, I used to watch a lot of chinese "kung fu" action films on TV. I would often imitate their moves and lines. Their stories are predictable and always revolve around avenging the death of someone. What's amusing with these kinds of films is that they never seems to ran out of Kung-Fu styles. The most prominent of which are: The dragon style, the tiger style, the eagle style, and the snake style, not to mention the monkey, the dog, the parrot, and probably all animals you can see in the zoo.  Anyway, since I am so poor, i can't go to China, Jo and I decided to go to China - yeah, China Town in Binondo, Manila. We set the date November 6, 2006. Here was our plan.

9 a.m  - meet at D.Jose terminal station take the jeep to Divisoria

10 a.m - go to 168 and shop! (happy birthday jo!)

12 a.m. - find Binondo church

1 a.m. - find China town, eat chinese food

2 a.m. - drink overpriced coffee at Binondo

Our China town trip was very memorable, It was probably one of the most memorable dates jo and I ever had.

I don't wee the logic of this smiley. How do you expect people to buy from your store if you give them a "frowning smiley"?


Smiling Binondo church, look at the next pic to see what i mean...

Did you see it?


Of course we had to buy the "pangmasahe" first, before we could pass through the pasilyo.


China town Eureka!


 Lunch at shing something restaurant.


Starbucks Binondo, We couldn't understand what the people around are saying, everybody was going "chong ching kung hei *@^^#*$^*&^" hehe

Spot the difference!