25 December 2007


I had a blast with our xmas celebration!

21 December 2007

Part 1: Adopt the Right Frame of Mind

tips on how to be a better law student

Tales Of Mere Existence "How To Cope With Depression"

Tales Of Mere Existence "How To Break Up"

This shows 64 easy steps on the process of breaking up with your girlfriend (boyfriend). Those who can relate to this, you know who you are. enjoy.

19 December 2007

Before Sunset quotes

Jesse: Life's hard. It's supposed to be. If we didn't suffer, we'd never learn anything.

Celine: Memory's a wonderful thing if you don't have to deal with the past.

Celine: You can never replace anyone because everyone is made up of such beautiful specific details.

Celine: I was having this awful nightmare that I was 32. And then I woke up and I was 23. So relieved. And then I woke up for real, and I was 32.

Celine: There are so many things I want to do, but I end up doing not much.

Jesse: I was a drummer in a band, we are pretty good actually, but then our lead singer guy was so obsessed in getting us a record deal, and looking back at shows we did play - it was
so much fun.. now i would be able to enjoy every minute of it.

Celine: well Your book has been published that's pretty much a big deal have been to Europe
and toured around, are you enjoying every minute of it?

Jesse:no not really! (laughs)

Celine: In my work i see a lot of the true work of improving things is in the little achievements ofthe day.

Jesse: I think that's really what I admire about what you are doing... you're undetached from life. You are putting passion in into the action.


setbacks are part of life you cant avoid them

27 November 2007

25 at 25

Thank you sa lahat ng pumunta sa birthday ko. I REALLY never thought that it would be that fun! Salamat sa mga bumati sakin. Kay joe, jp, Rachelle, cherry, domini, avril, meg,  allen, jez, tin, bey, chris, seamus, jodan, miss hernandez, miss gabby, miss micai, mymy, luck, tita cora, mama tatay, ange, ryan dj, atty jing, joyce, paul krisy rika and friends, tito edsel and family, joanne. Sa lahat ng mga nagregalo, sa lahat ng nag wish, sa lahat ng pumunta MARAMING MARAMING SALAMAT. tHANK YOU sa mga sinamahan ako maglasing, thank you sa mga nagluto, nagdala ng pagkain, inumin. Maraming maraming maraming salamat. Sorry sa mga hindi ko naimbita, hindi ko talaga inaakala na marami, it was supposed to be a family affair lang, kaya nga konti lang ang putahe. salamat sa san mig, grand ma, at sa cog- nac.
THis is really a memorable experience. Come to think of it, i've spent 1/3rd of my life na. 25 at 25! i will really treasure this legacy and I am happy that a lot came to celebrate it with me.
Sana invite niyo din ako sa mga birthday niyo, at sana makapunta kayo sa mga susunod ko pang birthdays na darating. Again, maraming maraming salamat, lalo don sa mga nageffort talaga despite their busy scheds, tight budget, etc. Maraming maraming salamat i can't thank you enough guys! mabuhay kayo. :)

07 November 2007

bogus date personality

Your dating personality profile:

Liberal - Politics matters to you, and you aren't afraid to share your left-leaning views.  You would never be caught voting for a conservative candidate.
Romantic - You know exactly how to melt your date's heart.  Romance comes naturally to you and is an important component of any relationship you have.
Funny - You laugh often.  People never accuse you of lacking a sense of humor.  You don't take yourself too seriously.
Your date match profile:

Funny - You consider a good sense of humor a major necessity in a date.  If her jokes make you laugh, she has won your heart.
Practical - You are drawn to people who are sensible and smart.  Flashy, materialistic people turn you off.  You appreciate the simpler side of living.
Conservative - Forget liberals, you need a conservative match.  Political discussions interest you, and a conservative will offer the viewpoint you need.
Your Top Ten Traits

1. Liberal
2. Romantic
3. Funny
4. Stylish
5. Adventurous
6. Wealthy/Ambitious
7. Outgoing
8. Athletic
9. Intellectual
10. Big-Hearted
Your Top Ten Match Traits

1. Funny
2. Practical
3. Conservative
4. Adventurous
5. Romantic
6. Athletic
7. Sensual
8. Wealthy/Ambitious
9. Intellectual
10. Stylish

Take the Online Dating Profile Quiz at Dating Diversions

04 November 2007

Goodbye Booze, Hello Books

Goodbye booze, hello books. Today is my last petiks day. I have to go back to my dorm, clean it and get ready for my training. Speaking of books, law books are damn expensive, about 1,500 each and I have to buy around 5 books per sem, and I'm poor as a rat. But, I am always reminded that:
If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.
Since I'm a big fan of boxing, I've watched the much anticipated fight of Marquez vs Juarez. Marquez was the one who beat Manny Pacquiao's ass. And it seems to me that Manny is scared to face Marquez again. MP is real  coward, he opts for big money fights instead of real boxing glory and legacy. Marquez is one of my favorite fighters in the super lightweight, he punches with precision, nothing flashy but a real technician. Marquez and Pacquiao should really beat each other para magakaalaman na, if not, I'm convinced that MP is a real pussy.

Criteria of truth


 Criteria of truth

If someone believes something, they think that it is true, but they may be mistaken. This is not the case with knowledge. For example, a man thinks that a particular bridge is safe, and he attempts to cross it; unfortunately, the bridge collapses under his weight. It could be said that the man believed that the bridge was safe, but that his belief was mistaken. It would not be accurate to say that he knew that the bridge was safe, because plainly it was not. For something to count as knowledge, it must actually be true.

The Aristotelian definition of truth states:

"To say of something which is that it is not, or to say of something which is not that it is, is false. However, to say of something which is that it is, or of something which is not that it is not, is true."

31 October 2007

Bar Exam Tips & Secrets

Bar Exam Tips & Secrets




Contributed by:

Atty. Glenn M. Mortel


"There is nothing that can help a bar examinee most than a constant and intensive study of the provisions of the various codes and the interpretation and application thereof by the Supreme Court in its decisions. By study is meant, that the provisions must be correctly understood and the thought or words thereof put to memory. After a chapter, for example, has been studied, the next one should be studied next, and after this, a review of all that has already been studied re-reviewed, to keep the subject matter and the provisions fresh in mind." - Alejo Labrador

  1. Actual preparation for the bar examination starts from the first day a law student attended class during the first year in the law school.

  2. The blooming secret in passing the bar examination is this: Present good answers that will make the examiners take notice. Good answers anchored upon logical reasoning, written in readable English and more importantly, justified by appropriate legal authority.

  3. If the candidates are at a loss as to what specific legal provisions or case doctrines to use in answering problems, the only alternative left for them is to use their own common sense.

  4. The key to passing the bar examinations is contained in one word: ARTICULATION. Articulation is expressive of the following basic fundamentals: good language, impressive presentation, logical reasoning and substantial background knowledge of law and procedure.

  5. The examinee who has a fairly good command of English, assuming that he is prepared in all other matters, stands definitely with a much better chance of passing.

  6. The responsive character of a given answer would depend to a great extent, on command of good language, logical reasoning and impressive presentation. This objective of preparing impressive and responsive answers can only be achieved by constant practice.

  7. Get this straight right now. Passing the bar examination has been, still is, and will always be a difficult proposition!

  8. No one can really help you pass the bar examination but yourself.

  9. The greatest blooming secret of passing the bar examination is and will always be: PREPARATION! Not just any kind of preparation, but proper, sound and systematic preparation.

  10. Systematic review can only be done by the use of what we call schedules which the candidate must follow vigorously to the letter if he expects to attain the best results.

  11. There will be times when you become sleepy while reviewing but never for one moment, tell yourself: Man, this review can wait! Do not be stupid. Always remind yourself that time is of the essence and is decidedly running too short for you.

  12. Force yourself to read, understand and absorb what law you reviewed. Otherwise, all your efforts will go to waste.

  13. Love and review cannot mix in the business of preparing for the bar examination.

  14. Early to bed, early to rise, that is the way to make a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

  15. A morning shower is a must.

  16. Never stay up late to the wee hours of morning, cramming law into your head. This would not do you any good. Remember, you have to conserve as much energy as you possibly can.

  17. Remember, keeping your health in good running condition is just as important as reviewing and passing the bar examination.

  18. Good handwriting is decidedly a great factor in passing the bar examination.

  19. To beat time, never write kilometric answers.

  20. By far the most important tool that the bar candidate could equip himself with which to tackle the examination that is inherently personal to him is command of written English.

  21. You have to write simple, grammatically correct English if you want to hurdle the examination.

  22. Presentation of answers that are not only good but logical, full of substance and supported by law and other authorities, are gems to the examiner, whether he has a good or black heart.

  23. Make your motto now: Stick to codal provisions! Compliment this with doctrines laid down in recent decisions of the Supreme Court.

  24. Impressive answers showing the candidates reasoning faculty is what the examiners want to read in your examination notebooks.

  25. Ability to retain your understanding of the substance of the law through efforts of study is more desirable quality to possess than mere ability to memorize legal provisions.

  26. Memorizing a particular provision of law word for word but without understanding it and its various implications is a lot of wasted effort.

  27. Never fail to read the newspapers when you are preparing for the bar examination. Read newspapers from 20 to 30 minutes every day.

  28. You can never expect to pass the bar examination without preparation.

  29. Predicting probable questions based on important principles or provisions of law is the safer method of speculating what the examiners are likely to ask in their examinations.

  30. Never depend on tips for your passing. But never brush these tips aside as nothing but trash. They may likely cause your downfall. Never, however, bank too much on them.

  31. Cheating is one sure way to endanger your future career as a prospective member of the legal profession. Never commit such atrocious act like cheating in the bar examination. It never pays. Depend on your own capabilities. Fight your battle royale on a high plane!

  32. Fountain or sign pens are really the most important equipment in bar examination. Never start for the examination without bringing along with you two or more fountain or sign pens.

  33. Like the weather, examiners are absolutely a bunch of unpredictable fellows, capable of asking unpredictable questions.

  34. Do not try to memorize 50 definitions or distinctions in any given time. Two or three will do.

  35. The real secret in remembering the matters contained in an enumeration is the use of keywords. Make your keywords on enumerations you consider important.

  36. Never leave a blank in an enumeration! However, if you use the letters a, b, c, etc. for numbers in the enumeration, so much the better. Ten to one, the examiner may not count his fingers. Make the first four in the enumeration definitely good.

  37. The bar candidate should do well to be always on guard against catchy questions capable of being answered in a number of ways, e.g. What is a complaint? The perfect answer should include both definitions in criminal and civil procedure.

  38. Never be content to answer questions with a mere yes or no. You must, at all times, give justification why your answer is a yes or no. Unless, of course, the examiner qualifies his question with instruction enclosed in parenthesis like: (Answer with a yes or no only).

  39. Always determine the real facts (examiners have the bad habit of including irrelevant facts to confuse you) and the issue or issues in controversy. Which side you take, always justify your side with reasons based on law, rule, equity and justice. Whatever your answer may be, provided it is written in legible language, the examiner will never deny you the corresponding credit you deserve.

  40. Always remember, make efforts to frame your answers so that they are responsive to the questions. Never beat around the bush. Go right straight ahead with your answer. Avoid citations if and when you are not absolutely sure about them. The shorter the answers are, the more direct, the better. Avoid display of flowery expressions which are complicated by legal verbosity. All you need are sensible, direct and reasonable answers that are responsive to the questions.

  41. Legal knowledge is not enough to solve a particular legal issue. What is important is ability to apply this knowledge to the solution of legal controversies.

  42. The most convenient method of tackling problem questions is to present immediately the conclusion of a given answer. Practice, practice, constant practice will help the bar candidate write good answers that examiners will give favorable credit.

  43. The technique of writing down answers responsive to questions is a matter that the candidate must learn as a matter of imperative necessity.

  44. Brevity and directness when done properly could make an answer both effective and impressive. However, when overdone to a point where the ideas sought to be conveyed becomes vague and difficult to understand, they become a liability.

  45. Never forget that every candidate is a potential bar topnotcher.

  46. So, if you are a candidate just preparing for the bar examination, whose chances of passing are quite problematical, just limit your ambition for the present to just working hard to obtain a 75 percent in the great battle of your life.

  47. Take comfort in this: That even those who become lawyers by "just luck", are making good in the practice of law. Nothing can really put a determined man down.

  48. In your preparation for the greatest battle of your life, call upon Him who is the source of all knowledge, wisdom and understanding. In deep humility, bended knees and tears, He will make all things beautiful in His time. Victory belongs to the most persevering!


All excerpts, except the last (No. 48), were taken by Atty. GLENN M. MORTEL from the book "SECRETS ON HOW TO PASS THE BAR EXAMINATION" by Dean Wenceslao G. Laureta, 1990 edition.

29 October 2007

Why Men Handle Breakups Differently Than Women

When your woman tells you it is over you may be very angry at first. But as time goes by you may begin to wonder what happened and how you can get over the hurt and pain you are feeling. Men handle breakups very badly sometimes. Here are some reasons why that is.

If a man has been in a relationship for one year or more, chances are he has very few men friends that he spends time with anymore. If this describes your situation you are not alone. Women tend to have a large circle of women friends, relatives, and acquaintances that they can turn to when they breakup with their man. Men, on the other hand, tend to have almost no one they can talk to. Men are less likely to talk about the end of their relationship with anyone else and because of this they become very withdrawn. It may be many months before they discuss it with anyone, if ever.

Women show their emotions very easily most of the time. Men would rather discuss almost anything rather than things that are so personal to them. Men will pretend that breaking up with their woman was no big deal but, in reality, they may be on the verge of breaking down at any time. If you are feeling depressed and unhappy about a recent breakup look for someone that you can be open and honest with about how you are feeling. Getting your emotions out will be a big relief to you and help in the healing process.

Men dislike dating and meeting someone new. They would rather stay in a relationship that is not working any more than to have to risk being alone and having to work at meeting someone new. If you have just broken up with someone that was not truly a good match for you try to see it as an opportunity for you to eventually meet the right person to be in a relationship with. It may be hard to even think about that is your breakup happened recently, but know that it is not healthy to stay in a bad relationship.

If your woman has broken up with you, understand that you will probably feel terrible about it for quite a while. That is completely normal. Relationships are not easy. Try to figure out what went wrong so that you will have a better, long lasting relationship the next time around.

Relationships are never easy but you can learn how to have a happy, long lasting love with someone you care deeply about.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Connie_Ragen_Green

28 October 2007

superhero personality

Your results:
You are The Flash

The Flash
Iron Man
Green Lantern
Wonder Woman
Fast, athletic and flirtatious.

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27 October 2007

Starbucks and DQ Bloopers

Starbucks Banaue
Barista: Goodevening sir.
Rah: Isang brewed coffee, tall.
Barista: (gets cup, turns out kulang yung coffee para mapuno yung cup) Ah.. Er.. sir would you like a space for you milk sir?
Rah: No. (Palusot pa eh)

Starbucks Araneta Center
Barista: Your name sir, for the cup
Rah: R.A.
(after about a month, i went there again same guy)
Barista: Oh R.A. galing kang school? Ano satin ngayon?
Rah: White Choco...
(After about another month)
Barista: R.A. Kamusta? Nagwowork ka na ba?
Rah.. ah oo, sa research ako.. blah blah blah
Barista: O, goodluch sa work mo ah.
(After 2 months)
Barista Oh R.A. San ka na ngayon?
Rah: Nagaaral na ulit ako...
(After 3 months nakita niya ako sa Mendiola)
Barista: Oh R.A. dito ka pala.. hindi ka napapadaan sa Starbucks Cubao ah.
Rah: (WAAAAAAAAAAA tan tanan mo ko, di tayo close.)

Dairy Queen Cubao
Rah: Isang Rocky Road
Barista: (Shows that the ice cream is not dripping by serving it upside down... Brings it back to the upright position and lays it down the counter then NATUMBA. A part of the side of the ice cream touches the counter... an uncomfortable pause... she looks at me and I looked at her.. ) then she says: "Thank you sir!" pushing the ice cream towards me"
Rah: *Scratches his head

Starbucks Banaue ulit
Girl: Caramel Frap, tall
Barista: Makes the Frap pero kulang
Girl: Para atang ang konti ng frap niyo ngayon?
Barista: Ah er, Sige ulitin nalang natin.
Rah: Hehehe

25 October 2007

Carpenters - Goodbye To Love

bye to love. ako yung nagigitara dito. pati mukha ko naggitara

24 October 2007


Who cares kung wala akong pera palagi?
Who cares kung mahirap ang school?
Who cares kung lagi nalang akong walang gana?
Who cares kung ayaw niya?
Who cares kung magisa lang ako?
Who cares kung boring ako?
Who cares kung lagi nalang ako depressed lately?
Who cares kung hindi ako maintindihan ng tao?
Who cares kung hindi  ako masaya?
Who cares kung gusto ko ng tahimik lang na buhay?
Who cares kung feeling ko ang tanda ko na?
Who cares kung malakas ako uminom?
Who cares kung gusto ko ng donut palagi?
Who cares kung pagchismisan man ako ng mga tao?
Who cares kung minsan naluluha nalang ako bigla dahil di ko na alam ang gagawin ko?
Who cares?? WHO CARES?!?!

21 October 2007

Today is Chess Day

I love chess. Some people think it is a boring game, but not for me. Believe me, my adrenalin rush every time I get play a good game of chess. When I  was a little kid, my old man enrolled me in Chess Milo Best in Manila. I would commute for 2 hours just so I can  get along with chess fanatics like me. Chess taught me a lot of things about life. I taught me to be imaginative, to be patient, and to focus.
Glorietta bombings. Multiple murder with multiple serious physical injury. Complex Crime punishable by death. But, because death is suspended, the criminal would probably end up to prison in no more than 40 years.
Finals is finished; Murphy's Law; Is something can go wrong, it will go wrong. My Persons and Family Relations was damn hard. I reviewed the wrong materials, I've always known those reviewers were jinx. I should stick with the good design.
After finals party; Poker; I won; thanks Miss Cherry for teaching me how to play poker, you are really a champion.
Dating; Mall of Asia; Time Zone; I knew it, that guy is making porma with Ms. Videoke girl. I can read it in his body language.
Same; Same; Ice Skating; It was fun skating with you. Thank you din sa pansit, at sa Sizzling. I really missed you. I'm sorry can't come to your house. I have a paper to finish.
Fish Fraud; my favorite fish died, and no one told me. It took like a month before I found out. It turned out that Old man, bought another fish that was identical to my gold fish so that I would not feel that bad. Aww. sweet. goes to show what you don't know can't hurt you.

08 October 2007

What are friends for?

Come to think of it, what are friends for? One of the better answers I've found is from my favorite book by Baltazar Gracian:

Let friendly relations be a school of knowledge, and culture be taught through conversation: thus you make your friends your teachers and mingle the pleasures of conversation with the advantages of instruction. Sensible persons thus enjoy alternating pleasures: they reap applause for what they say, and gain instruction from what they hear. We are always attracted to others by our own interest,

p. 7

but in this case it is of a higher kind. Wise men frequent the houses of great noblemen not because they are temples of vanity, but as theatres of good breeding. There be gentlemen who have the credit of worldly wisdom, because they are not only themselves oracles of all nobleness by their example and their behaviour, but those who surround them form a well-bred academy of worldly wisdom of the best and noblest kind.

- baltazar gracian

05 October 2007

dura lex said rah

As the famous maxim in law: "Dura lex sed lex" - the law is harsh, but it is the law. Another way to say it is Dura lex said RAh - which simply means law is hard and my ass  is on the line. Indeed it is tough, especially now that finals is at bay. It is time to hibernate and prepare. It's either make or break.

02 September 2007

Canon in D on Guitar

Playing Canon in D on Epiphone Masterbilt AJ-500R

Arranged by Chief Noda and David Atkinson. Performed by me :)

28 August 2007

Pay yourself first

Lately, there have been struggling with the finances. The allowances always ran out and there are no extras to put aside. It seems that one important principle is being forgotten, that is, to set aside money first before spending the rest.  Some things must be given up, unnecessary stuff that can do without.  Budgeting is very important but is always taken for granted. It is hoped that this month, financial freedom can be gained again. It is hoped that this reminder help other people experiencing the same problem.

One of the most effective strategies to obtaining dreams and goals:

Money, like water, expands to fill the container in which it is placed. If you lack an objective set of financial goals for your life, you probably reach the end of each month and find yourself broke. You vow that next month will be different, but it never is.

This scenario is certainly one with which millions of people can identify. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be that way. One of the most powerful and effective strategies for building wealth is to pay yourself first.

Start with your monthly bills

When you set down to pay your bills, the first check you write should be to yourself. Decide on an amount you can commit to for at least six months and immediately pay that "bill" by depositing the money into your brokerage, mutual fund, or retirement accounts. You must do this even if you cannot afford it! Then, pay your other bills as usual. If you find that you do not have enough money to cover all the expenses, write down the amount you are short and then find away to raise the money. If this means you have to recycle cans, switch to an off-brand cereal, work a few extra hours, or cancel your magazine subscriptions, do it.

But that's too hard!

Think it sounds too hard? If so, you must answer this question for yourself: is the pain of giving up your "perks" greater than the pain of being in financial bondage? If it is, you need to resign yourself to remaining in the same financial situation for the rest of your life. In fact, if you are prone to using debt as a means of upgrading your lifestyle, the problem will probably grow worse with time.

Taking control of your finances creates a sense of empowerment that will reach into every area of your life. The freedom that comes from knowing that you and your family will be provided for regardless of what may come up cannot be expressed in words. It is something you will experience for yourself when you make the decision that being financially independent and secure is more important than impressing your neighbors with material goods.

Honor your Word

Once most people have given their word to someone, they are careful to keep their promise. They have no qualms, however, about lying to themselves. In order to be successful, you must honor your commitment. You cannot cut yourself any slack. As soon as you miss one "payment", odds are, you will miss another, then another, until you have stopped saving altogether. The secret to success in this game is not so much the amount of money you are investing, but the persistence with which you are doing it.


17 August 2007

Music and Law

Come to think of it, the study of law is just like the study of music. Countless hours must be spent practicing every note so that when it is time to perform  good music is produced. The study of law is not much different. One must study at every possible opportunity to make sense in recitation or exam.

The study of music is usually 5 years, the study of law is about that same time, too.
Not everyone can graduate from the college of music, likewise, not everyone can graduate in the college of law. It takes a lot of courage and determination, sacrifice, and skill. As cliche as it may be -- a lot are called but only a few are chosen.

It's about  the gracefulness, the talent, and the music and sense that is produced. It about that moment in time in the spotlight to perform the best that you can.

At the end of the day only two things may happen. It's either you sound good -- or not.

31 July 2007

Filipino Inmates Do "Thriller"

http://NS4W.ORG - http://BLOG.NS4W.ORG
1,500 plus CPDRC inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center, Cebu, Philippines at practice!
Video made by :Huron Consulting Services

From Now On, No More Street Food For Me!!!

What is Amoebiasis? Symptoms and Treatment

Some infectious diseases are caused by biological agents such as bacteria, viruses, parasites and prions rather than by genetic, physical or chemical agents. Amoebiasis, sometimes spelt amebiasis, is one of those common diseases, caused by a parasite which infects the bowel casing a type of gastroenteritis infection.

Amoebiasis Picture

This disease generally occurs in young to middle aged adults, but can affect anyone because people can be receptive to infection by ingesting contaminated food or water containing the Entamoeba histolytica microorganism, although Amoebiasis is mostly associated with people living in areas of poor sanitation and it is a common cause of diarrhea among people living or traveling to developing countries, specially those located in tropical or subtropical areas, but also coming from domestic suburbs with non hygienic conditions. Approximately 500 cases are reported each year in New York State and most of those cases occur among New York City residents.

Amoebiasis Picture

As Amebiasis is an intestinal illness caused by a microscopic parasite called Entamoeba histolytica, to trace the cause of the disease it is necessary to know what you ate and drank in the previous weeks, and/or where you traveled before you became ill. Entamoeba histolytica parasites are only found in humans.

After infection, it may take from a few days up to two to four weeks before becoming ill. Some people with amebiasis may carry the parasite for weeks to years, often without symptoms. Amoebiasis can progress to amoebic dysentery in the wide, lower part of the intestine and then spread to cause severe damage to the intestine. Although rarely, amoebiasis can cause abscesses in the liver, lungs, and brain or even elsewhere in the body.

Amoebiasis Picture

Amoebiasis occurs when Entamoeba histolytica parasites are taken in by mouth, eaten or swallowed something infected with such parasite, however the most common way this happens is by person-to-person spread. People with amoebiasis have Entamoeba histolytica parasites in their feces, and their contaminated hands can spread the parasites to surfaces and objects which will be touched by other people. Under certain circumstances, this disease may also spread sexually by oral-anal contact.

In your household, the risk to spread amoebiasis can be reduced if people infected or suffering gastroenteritis do not prepare or handle food to be eaten by other people and that no one shares their towel or wash cloths. Food handlers, child care workers and health care workers with amoebiasis must not work until symptoms have stopped. Children must not attend child care centers, kindergartens or schools until symptoms have stopped.

People with amoebiasis may experience mild or severe symptoms or no symptoms at all, the common are stomach cramps, nausea, diarrhea, sometimes containing blood, loose stools, abdominal tenderness and occasional fever and weight loss. Your doctor may proceed to examination of the stools under a microscope to diagnose amebiasis and prescribe specific antibiotics such as metronidazole to treat effectively this disease.

Fecal material from infected people may contaminate water or food serving as a vehicle to infect others, so it is important that people observe preventive measures, infected or not, including careful handwashing thoroughly with soap and hot running water for at least ten seconds after going to the toilet. By frequently washing your hands you are eliminating the amoebiasis parasite that you have picked up from contaminated surfaces, from other people, or from animals and animal waste. Infected homosexuals should refrain from intimate contact and people traveling overseas, must take special care.

Bathrooms and toilets must be cleaned often to avoid the spread of disease, paying particular attention to surfaces such as handles, toilet seats, taps and diaper changing tables. Boil untreated water coming directly from lakes or rivers before drinking it since it may be contaminated with feces from people. Also contaminated food and drink are common sources of amoebiasis. Wash your hands before preparing food, before eating, after going to the toilet or changing diapers, after smoking or after using a tissue or handkerchief.

People must carefully select and prepare any food and drink as an effective preventive measure against amoebiasis. Uncooked foods must be avoided, particularly vegetables and fruit, which cannot be peeled before eating. Unpacked drinks and ice should also be avoided. Food handlers should always use disposable paper towels or an air dryer to dry their hands. Generally, cloth towels are not recommended as they can spread germs from one person to another.

Finally, remember that safe food storage and handling reduce also the risk of amoebiasis infections by following simple guidelines:

* Thoroughly cook all raw foods.

* Thoroughly wash raw vegetables and fruits before eating.

* Reheat food until the internal temperature of the food reaches at least 167º Fahrenheit.

And do not forget that part of the microwave cooking process, includes careful instructions of the standing times to ensure the food is completely cooked before it is served.


24 July 2007

Manny Pacquiao Tribute

My childhood hero and role model.

How to save at Starbucks

I'm a sucker for expensive coffee. I don't know why, but i have this stupid notion that  expensive coffee is better than jolog instant coffee. Because of that stupidity, I'm paying the price, and when I say price - it's real money;  my scrumpy allowance wasted on some insane African coffee.
To tell you the truth, Starbucks coffee sucks. It's not even gourmet coffee. I like the Barako coffee of Batangas better or the Coffee Alamid, if you ever heard of it.
One reason I order coffee there though is that is a quiet place to study. There are other coffee shops out there but sometimes they have sloppy service. Starbucks also has sloppy service but, i guess, quite better.
I'm surprised that the the baristas, whenever I go there, remember me and call me by name. Ah, sorry, close ba tayo? I've always wanted to say that, but I thought they were just doing their job. Ba, parang barkada nalang ah. So, I've made it a point to memorise their names din. So that when I go there the next time, their jaws would drop.
You see, going to Starbucks is more than the coffee. For example: the girls. Starbucks is the best place to go birdwatching. It's a place to find inspiration especially if you want those creative juices to flow.
For those coffee addicts there like me, here are some tips on how to save a bit if your uptight.

How to save money at Starbucks

1. "Ghetto" Latte - This makeshift coffee drink lives up to its name. To make, order one or two shots of espresso in a large cup. Fill the rest with milk from the condiment station. If it's too cold, microwave at home or the office. For a ghetto macchiato, substitute the regular milk for a portion of half 'n' half equal to the amount of espresso.

2. Short Cap
- Some Starbucks sell a "short" cappuccino that isn't listed on the menu, but is only available by request. It's smaller and cheaper than the "tall," which is the smallest on the menu.

3. Black Coffee - Learn to like regular coffee. The expensive drinks at Starbucks are those dressed up with cream and sugar. Acquiring a taste for black coffee won't just save you money, it'll save you fat and calories as well.

4. Free Power - Instead of charging your laptop at home, bring it into Starbucks and charge it up for free.

5. Free News - Discarded sections of the day's newspapers are a staple at Starbucks. Instead of subscribing to a paper that you throw away after reading anyway, share with the Starbucks community.

6. The Hook-up - Starbucks employees get a free pound of coffee every week, which is often up for barter if you have something good to offer. I know a girl who worked at a doctor's office that traded a bag of free drug pens for a pound of Sumatran.

7. Osmosis - Sometimes all you need is a whiff of the coffee scent and the sound of whirring machines to trigger you into waking up in the morning. So walk in, take a deep breath, and drink in the morning energy. Leave as soon as you feel more awake and you've saved yourself the price of a coffee.


11 July 2007

happy 1st month law school!

It's almost a month since I entered law school. I can say that I am still in my adjustment stage.. Life as a law student is really hard. I spend more time studying than the actual classroom hours. I have practically given up my weekends where i used go out and party hard.  I have to develop a strict regimen of balancing my time and resources to ba able to survive day after day. I have to read 100 sometimes up to 300 pages of law books a day, excluding digesting piles of cases. It is not easy, believe me. We are 30 in class and 1 month later only 25 of us left. They say, the class is lucky if a dozen of us survives when we reach fourth year.

I remember though a very inspiring lecture given to us by our professor in Legal Profession. He says that to be able to succeed in the practice of law, 3 important basic things should be kept in mind:

Read: Since laws are written, there is no other way but to read the laws, or else you can't give advise. You wouldn't be able to know the facts. So, read effectively, don't take shortcuts. Second,

Understand: It is not enough that you just read and memorize the provisions in the book, you must have a grasp of it. You must be able to apply its rationale and logic to given situations. As Confucius say: "xxx What you see, you forget. What you hear, you remember; but what you do, you understand." I guess it only means you really have to feel it, breath it, and be it to really understand. And lastly,

Express: You must develop competency in oral and written communication because they are  what lawyers do. They speak and write on behalf of their clients - they have to represent.

I guess with this things in mind, I'd be able to discover the formula of getting into the rhythm of it.

08 July 2007

My Rigorous Life 07

My life is really rigorous. My day starts at 7 in the morning. I do my morning rituals, have coffee with people like Juaquin, Isagani and other really smart people. At ll A.M. I take a bath, do the other rituals and eat my early MSG infested lunch at the nearby "turo-turo." At about 12, I continue my search for learning about truth and justice, scribbling important notes, thinking about the what-would-be terror if I don't rub in important words to my sponge-like brain. Around 4-9 P.M. I go to the dungeon, more popularly known as the "class room." I compose my self for hours of grueling domination, sadistic, and masochistic experience. After it's over, I take my supper with people like me. We yield and succumb to our respective abodes, calling it a day.

15 June 2007

The Thinker by Berton Braley

"Read this wonderful poem by Berton Braley, it teaches us that it is always "the thought" that lies behind anything important, any success, any achievement."

    Back of the beating hammer
    By which the steel is wrought,
    Back of the workshop's clamor
    The seeker may find the Thought,
    The Thought that is ever master
    Of iron and steam and steel,
    That rises above disaster
    And tramples it under heel!

    The drudge may fret and tinker
    Or labor with lusty blows,
    But back of him stands the Thinker,
    The clear-eyed man who knows;
    For into each plow or saber,
    Each piece and part and whole,
    Must go the Brains of Labor,
    Which gives the work a soul!

    Back of the motors humming,
    Back of the belts that sing,
    Back of the hammers drumming,
    Back of the cranes that swing,
    There is the eye which scans them
    Watching through stress and strain,
    There is the Mind which plans them --
    Back of the brawn, the Brain!

    Might of the roaring boiler,
    Force of the engine's thrust,
    Strength of the sweating toiler --
    Greatly in these we trust.
    But back of them stands the Schemer,
    The Thinker who drives things through;
    Back of the Job -- the Dreamer
    Who's making the dream come true!

13 June 2007

Young filipino lawyer addresses Harvard Law commencement

A young Filipino lawyer taking up his masteral studies in law at the Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has been given the honor to deliver the student address at the school's commencement ceremonies on Thursday, June 7.

It is a rare chance that easily came for Oscar Franklin Barcelona Tan, 27 years old, and one of the 700 graduates of the prestigious law school's Batch 2007.

To be hand picked to give the commencement address may be rare opportunity, but Tan's admission at Harvard law school has been considered uncommon in the first place.

Harvard's law school has a record of not accepting fresh law graduates for its master's program. But Tan was immediately admitted after he graduated from the University of the Philippines (UP) Law in 2005.

Harvard's LLM program is a much-coveted prospect among UP law professors. Some sources even said that it is possible that Oscar Tan could have "knocked out" some professors who also vied for this school years' LLM program.

Academic records show that Tan is an uncommon stock. His thirst for knowledge seems unquenchable. His interest in various academic fields is apparently limitless, and his drive for excellence eludes any description.

Here's his speech:

Like Wine in the River, Like Citizens of the World
Harvard Law School 2007 Student Commencement Address
Oscar Franklin Barcelona Tan (Philippines)

Delivered June 7, 2007, Langdell Hall

Dean Kagan, Vice-Dean Alford, professors, classmates, families, and friends. Let me first thank my family, who crossed twelve time zones to be with us. Let me thank my father, who was once a poor boy from our province of Negros Occidental in the Philippines. He lost his parents during his childhood, then moved to the capital and slept on my aunt's couch to study law at the University of the Philippines. I do not know if he dreamt then that he would one day watch his eldest son graduate from Harvard Law School, but I want him to know that I love him and hope he is proud of me. Let me thank my law dean, Raul Pangalangan, who was like a second father to me in the University of the Philippines, and is fortunately present here as a visiting professor. I learned all I know about integrity and principle from these two men.

Let me also thank our tireless graduate program staff. Assistant Dean Jeanne Tai, Nancy Pinn, Heather Wallick, April Stockfleet, Curtis Morrow, Jane Fair Bestor, Chris Nepple, Valentina Perez, Ashley Smith, and Sarine Der Kaloustian: This year would not have been possible without you. But let me thank all of you in the Harvard Law community for truly making us feel part of it. I know I am part of it; I was featured in the Parody.

Not so long ago, I went to John Harvard's for the first time with the British, who began chittering in an alien language. I later discovered it was actually English – the real English. I complained I was not used to cold, but a Saudi Arabian reminded me that you can fry eggs on a sidewalk in Riyadh. An Italian gave me tips on women because Italian men are the world's greatest lovers, with the disclaimer that their style does not work on American women. A Malaysian was asked to explain the religious significance of the color of her hijab, or headscarf. She would answer: It had to match her blouse. And I learned more than I ever cared to about American culture: I spent a week in Jamaica with Andy Knopp and Mike Pykosz.

Soon, we found that great substance that unites any law school: alcohol. On New Year's Eve, a Belarusian handed me a glass of vodka, but scolded me when I began to sip it. Sipping, he emphasized, is not the Slavic way. I shared a Frenchman's champagne, a Peruvian's pisco sour, a Brazilian's caipirinha, a Mexican's tequila, and a Japanese's sake. And I learned how even weak American beer enlivens an evening when you drink it with the Irish.

As for me, I come from the Philippines, a former American colony best known for Imelda Marcos's shoe collection. I remember being a six-year old watching my parents walk out of our house to join the crowds gathering to depose the dictator Ferdinand Marcos and form human walls against tanks. I remember being a twenty-year old in a different crowd deposing a different but equally corrupt president.

It was liberating to hear how a Chilean danced with crowds in the streets when Pinochet was arrested. How a South Korean prosecutor proudly stated that his country has sent two former presidents to prison. How a Brazilian, when he was six years old, was taken by his father to see a million men clamor for direct elections in Rio de Janeiro. How a Bhutanese wants to help shape her constitution after her king voluntarily gave up absolute power.

Friends, my most uplifting thought this year has been that the more we learn about each other, the more we realize that we are all alike, and the more we inspire each other to realize our most heartfelt yearnings. My single most memorable moment here came when I met South African Justice Albie Sachs, left with only one arm after an assassination attempt during apartheid. My classmate stood up and said: "South Africa is the world's second most unequal country. I come from Brazil, the world's most unequal country, and I admire how the South African Constitutional Court has inspired the progress of human rights throughout the world."

A hundred and ten years ago, it was said here that law is defined by the bad man, who cares solely about how to avoid being thrown in jail. Apologies to Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes,* but our generation defines law by the good man. The German Constitution emphasizes human dignity, in a continuing repudiation of Nazism. The South African Constitution promises equality, in a continuing repudiation of apartheid. The Philippine Constitution, a continuing repudiation of the Marcos dictatorship, promises social justice and the Philippine ideal that "he who has less in life should have more in law." Even in the United States, the younger Fourteenth Amendment set the stage for the end of segregation.

Countless other developing countries in Asia and Africa have constitutionalized a broad array of socioeconomic and environmental rights. We have thus outgrown the concept of law as passive restraint. Rather, law is now aspiration, law is now the catalyst that seeks to realize the full human potential of billions of good men brought low only by poverty, bigotry, oppression, and conflict.

The good man's primacy is felt just as strongly in international law. Modern instruments, even those lacking binding force, have bolstered our concepts of rights, from economic rights to indigenous people's rights to the rights of the child. The vigor seen in today's expansive constitutions must find its way into these international challenges. How can rights to biodiversity be asserted given an intellectual property regime that allows Indian basmati rice to be patented in a key export market? How can rights to environment become reality given developing countries with large populations and meager resources? How must the right to labor of migrant workers be protected given their vulnerability to countless abuses?

At the least, law must enable nations to dialogue on equal terms. At present, for example, the Filipino people are indignant that a United States Marine appealing his conviction for rape is detained not in a Philippine jail, but in the United States embassy. My people cannot reconcile this affront with the fact that even after our big white brother Douglas MacArthur retreated from the Philippines, ** my country exhibited the fiercest resistance in the Pacific War.

I cannot deny that our generation's issues will be complex, but I can guarantee that they will never be abstract, not after having a classmate who was an Israeli army drill sergeant, nor after watching my Chinese and Taiwanese classmates celebrate the Chinese New Year together, nor after having a classmate chased by gunmen out of Afghanistan. In fact, when George W. Bush's speechwriter visited, my Iranian classmate introduced himself, "Hi, I'm from an Axis of Evil country." And when he was told that the speech made a distinction between the Iranian government and the Iranian people, he said thank you and replied, "When we call you the Great Satan, we also make a distinction between the American government and the American people."

This is how Harvard has changed us. We thank our beloved faculty for raising our thinking to a higher, broader level. But even the most powerful ideas demand passion to set them aflame. The passion we ignite today is fueled by a collage of vignettes that will remind us in this crucible of life that our peers in faraway lands face the same frustrations, the same nation building ordeals, the same sorrows, and ultimately, the same shared joys and triumphs.

How do a mere 700 change the world, even with overpriced Harvard diplomas? Before a battle in China's Spring and Autumn Period, the legendary King Gou Jian of Yue was presented with fine wine. He ordered his troops to stand beside a river, and poured the wine into it. He ordered them to drink from the river and share his gift. A bottle of wine cannot flavor a river, but the gesture so emboldened his army that they won a great victory. We of the Class of 2007 shall flavor this earth, whether we be vodka, champagne, pisco sour, caipirinha, tequila, sake, Irish stout, or Philippine lambanog.

Thus, my friends – and this includes our American classmates who will soon lead the world's lone superpower – let us transcend our individual nationalities and advance law as the law of the good man in the international order. In this, let us affirm that we are citizens of the world. Maraming salamat po, at mabuhay kayong lahat.*** Thank you and long live you all.

------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- -----

* "The Path of the Law", Harvard Law Review, Volume 10, page 457, speech delivered in Boston in 1897. "You can see very plainly that a bad man has as much reason as a good one for wishing to avoid an encounter with the public force, and therefore you can see the practical importance of the distinction between morality and law. A man who cares nothing for an ethical rule which is believed and practised by his neighbors is likely nevertheless to care a good deal to avoid being made to pay money, and will want to keep out of jail if he can."

** President William Howard Taft referred to Filipinos as Americans' "little brown brothers" when the Philippines was an American colony.

*** Traditional Filipino closing, literally, "Thank you, sirs, and long live you all."

10 June 2007

que estudias?

Books - check. Dorm: mattress, ref, study table - check. School - check.
Days from now, my life will change. Goodbye fun parties.

Im going to war.

28 May 2007

My values statement

For a  long time, I have been asking my self my purpose in life; what endeavor do i want to dedicate my life. It took me a lot of time to figure it out. This question is very important for me because it is the first step in fulfilling my project - my life.
I decided to make a general values statement, sort of a mission statement in life that would go like this:

I, by the guidance of God, in able to establish a fruitful and meaningful life, believe in the following values:
leadership by example
maximizing time and resources
being clean and orderly
always ready
habit of savings
entrepreneurial spirit
love for family
peaceful and quiet life.

23 May 2007

Ryukin Goldfish

Today I bought myself a new Ryukin Goldfish.

Press Release: "Meron tayong bagong friends (goldfish)
Mama: kebs
Ryan: mahal ba yan?
Tatay: Ang taas taas ng ng kuryente natin, sana naman tumulong kayo sa pagtitipid natin ng kuryente. Imagine mo ilang kilowatts yan sa isang taon.
                                        Ange: Ah ok.

Welcome to my humble abode dear fishes. I hope we make each other happy for a long time.

20 May 2007

hilary swank interview

"I've realized that as an actor you have to just keep working really
hard and studying your craft. I think I thought maybe things would be
easier after the first Academy Award,
that I would get better job opportunities, but then you really realize
that there's not a whole lot of great quality out there, for women
especially. It's not just something that women say; it's the truth.
Because of that I had to be specific about not just doing something
that I didn't want to do, but I also needed to pay my bills. I didn't
do job after job after job. I would do a job and then still keep
working on acting, whether it would be reading a play - something
that's inspiring - with a bunch of actors, hearing it, studying,
reading books about acting, and watching actors. I think it's an
ever-evolving craft. And I think it's something that you always need to
work at." - On working as an actor

"I have to say that I didn't
ever really see it as rejection, per se, and I don't know why. I guess
if I saw it as rejection, then I would allow myself time to focus on
something that seemed negative, instead of realizing, "I have an
audition tomorrow," and I was auditioning a lot, and, "If I focus on
why I didn't get that, then I'm not going to be able to be present and
work on this." At that time it was easier for me to let go of the past
and just move on. Although there were so many times when it didn't mean
I didn't get depressed if I didn't get something that I really wanted.
I mean, I'm human, and I absolutely would get bummed out, especially if
I worked really hard on something, and it came right down to me and
someone else. But I'd try to get feedback. Was there something that I
could have done differently? Was it something I can work on the future
for the next job? And try to gain a positive from it? And sometimes it
wasn't anything I'd done. It was just the blue-eyed girl looked better
with the brown-eyed boy. You can't change that; you can't control
that." - On getting rejected for roles

"You need to study and
work on your craft. If you're not prepared when that dream audition
comes, you are not going to get that opportunity. To me, the definition
of success is when opportunity meets preparation. So I really recommend
that actors always work on their craft and their skills. Obviously you
can't make a living doing that, but you can get a lot of joy from it
and learn and be inspired by the people you're working with and by your
teachers and by the material. As long as you're still being inspired by
it, you're going to find joy. Then hopefully the role will come along.
I just want every actor to know to keep chipping away at it." - On
giving advice to beginning actors.

"At the beginning, it's not
like I didn't like boxing. I just didn't think about boxing, I didn't
even really have an opinion about it. And when I heard about it, I just
thought, 'What is the thing about hitting someone and wanting to get
hit?' The whole thing eluded me, but then, you know what? Like anything
else in life, when you have to dive into something deeper, you gain
respect for it because you learn about it in different ways than you
ever would expect. What I realized when I learned more about boxing is
that it is so much more than just the physical aspect of it. Obviously
the physical aspect of it is huge, but it is such an unbelievably
mental challenge. There's such an art to boxing, it's like a great game
of chess. When you're in the ring, you're one with your opponent.
Everything goes silent and it's you and that person. You hear your
breath. You hear the other person. And as you try to figure out their
strength and weakness, you're learning about your own strength and
weaknesses. And each person that you spar or fight with, their strength
and weakness brings out new strength and weakness in yourself. And the
second you think, 'I have this person,' and get cocky, you can lose and
you usually do. It's a great analogy to life. You have to remain humble
and have respect for the other person." - On Boxing

"As in life,
your mind can be the hugest obstacle or tool, depending on how you
choose to use it. And I find that a lot of people who are successful in
life say, "I can do this, and I will do this." Their minds don't get in
their way; whereas people who wake up and say, "Oh, I can't," their
mind is in their way, and it's going to stop them from doing what they
need to do to achieve their dream." - On trying to achieve your goals.

think that if you can grow together, you'll stay together. The most
important qualities in making a relationship work are a blend of three
ingredients: communication, respect and believing in another person.
I've been with my husband for over twelve years. That's what made our
relationship work. We have a mutual respect, the communication is key
and believing in one another makes you feel like you can do anything!"
- On what's important in a relationship.