28 May 2007

My values statement

For a  long time, I have been asking my self my purpose in life; what endeavor do i want to dedicate my life. It took me a lot of time to figure it out. This question is very important for me because it is the first step in fulfilling my project - my life.
I decided to make a general values statement, sort of a mission statement in life that would go like this:

I, by the guidance of God, in able to establish a fruitful and meaningful life, believe in the following values:
leadership by example
maximizing time and resources
being clean and orderly
always ready
habit of savings
entrepreneurial spirit
love for family
peaceful and quiet life.

23 May 2007

Ryukin Goldfish

Today I bought myself a new Ryukin Goldfish.

Press Release: "Meron tayong bagong friends (goldfish)
Mama: kebs
Ryan: mahal ba yan?
Tatay: Ang taas taas ng ng kuryente natin, sana naman tumulong kayo sa pagtitipid natin ng kuryente. Imagine mo ilang kilowatts yan sa isang taon.
                                        Ange: Ah ok.

Welcome to my humble abode dear fishes. I hope we make each other happy for a long time.

20 May 2007

hilary swank interview

"I've realized that as an actor you have to just keep working really
hard and studying your craft. I think I thought maybe things would be
easier after the first Academy Award,
that I would get better job opportunities, but then you really realize
that there's not a whole lot of great quality out there, for women
especially. It's not just something that women say; it's the truth.
Because of that I had to be specific about not just doing something
that I didn't want to do, but I also needed to pay my bills. I didn't
do job after job after job. I would do a job and then still keep
working on acting, whether it would be reading a play - something
that's inspiring - with a bunch of actors, hearing it, studying,
reading books about acting, and watching actors. I think it's an
ever-evolving craft. And I think it's something that you always need to
work at." - On working as an actor

"I have to say that I didn't
ever really see it as rejection, per se, and I don't know why. I guess
if I saw it as rejection, then I would allow myself time to focus on
something that seemed negative, instead of realizing, "I have an
audition tomorrow," and I was auditioning a lot, and, "If I focus on
why I didn't get that, then I'm not going to be able to be present and
work on this." At that time it was easier for me to let go of the past
and just move on. Although there were so many times when it didn't mean
I didn't get depressed if I didn't get something that I really wanted.
I mean, I'm human, and I absolutely would get bummed out, especially if
I worked really hard on something, and it came right down to me and
someone else. But I'd try to get feedback. Was there something that I
could have done differently? Was it something I can work on the future
for the next job? And try to gain a positive from it? And sometimes it
wasn't anything I'd done. It was just the blue-eyed girl looked better
with the brown-eyed boy. You can't change that; you can't control
that." - On getting rejected for roles

"You need to study and
work on your craft. If you're not prepared when that dream audition
comes, you are not going to get that opportunity. To me, the definition
of success is when opportunity meets preparation. So I really recommend
that actors always work on their craft and their skills. Obviously you
can't make a living doing that, but you can get a lot of joy from it
and learn and be inspired by the people you're working with and by your
teachers and by the material. As long as you're still being inspired by
it, you're going to find joy. Then hopefully the role will come along.
I just want every actor to know to keep chipping away at it." - On
giving advice to beginning actors.

"At the beginning, it's not
like I didn't like boxing. I just didn't think about boxing, I didn't
even really have an opinion about it. And when I heard about it, I just
thought, 'What is the thing about hitting someone and wanting to get
hit?' The whole thing eluded me, but then, you know what? Like anything
else in life, when you have to dive into something deeper, you gain
respect for it because you learn about it in different ways than you
ever would expect. What I realized when I learned more about boxing is
that it is so much more than just the physical aspect of it. Obviously
the physical aspect of it is huge, but it is such an unbelievably
mental challenge. There's such an art to boxing, it's like a great game
of chess. When you're in the ring, you're one with your opponent.
Everything goes silent and it's you and that person. You hear your
breath. You hear the other person. And as you try to figure out their
strength and weakness, you're learning about your own strength and
weaknesses. And each person that you spar or fight with, their strength
and weakness brings out new strength and weakness in yourself. And the
second you think, 'I have this person,' and get cocky, you can lose and
you usually do. It's a great analogy to life. You have to remain humble
and have respect for the other person." - On Boxing

"As in life,
your mind can be the hugest obstacle or tool, depending on how you
choose to use it. And I find that a lot of people who are successful in
life say, "I can do this, and I will do this." Their minds don't get in
their way; whereas people who wake up and say, "Oh, I can't," their
mind is in their way, and it's going to stop them from doing what they
need to do to achieve their dream." - On trying to achieve your goals.

think that if you can grow together, you'll stay together. The most
important qualities in making a relationship work are a blend of three
ingredients: communication, respect and believing in another person.
I've been with my husband for over twelve years. That's what made our
relationship work. We have a mutual respect, the communication is key
and believing in one another makes you feel like you can do anything!"
- On what's important in a relationship.