31 July 2007

Filipino Inmates Do "Thriller"

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1,500 plus CPDRC inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center, Cebu, Philippines at practice!
Video made by :Huron Consulting Services

From Now On, No More Street Food For Me!!!

What is Amoebiasis? Symptoms and Treatment

Some infectious diseases are caused by biological agents such as bacteria, viruses, parasites and prions rather than by genetic, physical or chemical agents. Amoebiasis, sometimes spelt amebiasis, is one of those common diseases, caused by a parasite which infects the bowel casing a type of gastroenteritis infection.

Amoebiasis Picture

This disease generally occurs in young to middle aged adults, but can affect anyone because people can be receptive to infection by ingesting contaminated food or water containing the Entamoeba histolytica microorganism, although Amoebiasis is mostly associated with people living in areas of poor sanitation and it is a common cause of diarrhea among people living or traveling to developing countries, specially those located in tropical or subtropical areas, but also coming from domestic suburbs with non hygienic conditions. Approximately 500 cases are reported each year in New York State and most of those cases occur among New York City residents.

Amoebiasis Picture

As Amebiasis is an intestinal illness caused by a microscopic parasite called Entamoeba histolytica, to trace the cause of the disease it is necessary to know what you ate and drank in the previous weeks, and/or where you traveled before you became ill. Entamoeba histolytica parasites are only found in humans.

After infection, it may take from a few days up to two to four weeks before becoming ill. Some people with amebiasis may carry the parasite for weeks to years, often without symptoms. Amoebiasis can progress to amoebic dysentery in the wide, lower part of the intestine and then spread to cause severe damage to the intestine. Although rarely, amoebiasis can cause abscesses in the liver, lungs, and brain or even elsewhere in the body.

Amoebiasis Picture

Amoebiasis occurs when Entamoeba histolytica parasites are taken in by mouth, eaten or swallowed something infected with such parasite, however the most common way this happens is by person-to-person spread. People with amoebiasis have Entamoeba histolytica parasites in their feces, and their contaminated hands can spread the parasites to surfaces and objects which will be touched by other people. Under certain circumstances, this disease may also spread sexually by oral-anal contact.

In your household, the risk to spread amoebiasis can be reduced if people infected or suffering gastroenteritis do not prepare or handle food to be eaten by other people and that no one shares their towel or wash cloths. Food handlers, child care workers and health care workers with amoebiasis must not work until symptoms have stopped. Children must not attend child care centers, kindergartens or schools until symptoms have stopped.

People with amoebiasis may experience mild or severe symptoms or no symptoms at all, the common are stomach cramps, nausea, diarrhea, sometimes containing blood, loose stools, abdominal tenderness and occasional fever and weight loss. Your doctor may proceed to examination of the stools under a microscope to diagnose amebiasis and prescribe specific antibiotics such as metronidazole to treat effectively this disease.

Fecal material from infected people may contaminate water or food serving as a vehicle to infect others, so it is important that people observe preventive measures, infected or not, including careful handwashing thoroughly with soap and hot running water for at least ten seconds after going to the toilet. By frequently washing your hands you are eliminating the amoebiasis parasite that you have picked up from contaminated surfaces, from other people, or from animals and animal waste. Infected homosexuals should refrain from intimate contact and people traveling overseas, must take special care.

Bathrooms and toilets must be cleaned often to avoid the spread of disease, paying particular attention to surfaces such as handles, toilet seats, taps and diaper changing tables. Boil untreated water coming directly from lakes or rivers before drinking it since it may be contaminated with feces from people. Also contaminated food and drink are common sources of amoebiasis. Wash your hands before preparing food, before eating, after going to the toilet or changing diapers, after smoking or after using a tissue or handkerchief.

People must carefully select and prepare any food and drink as an effective preventive measure against amoebiasis. Uncooked foods must be avoided, particularly vegetables and fruit, which cannot be peeled before eating. Unpacked drinks and ice should also be avoided. Food handlers should always use disposable paper towels or an air dryer to dry their hands. Generally, cloth towels are not recommended as they can spread germs from one person to another.

Finally, remember that safe food storage and handling reduce also the risk of amoebiasis infections by following simple guidelines:

* Thoroughly cook all raw foods.

* Thoroughly wash raw vegetables and fruits before eating.

* Reheat food until the internal temperature of the food reaches at least 167º Fahrenheit.

And do not forget that part of the microwave cooking process, includes careful instructions of the standing times to ensure the food is completely cooked before it is served.


24 July 2007

Manny Pacquiao Tribute

My childhood hero and role model.

How to save at Starbucks

I'm a sucker for expensive coffee. I don't know why, but i have this stupid notion that  expensive coffee is better than jolog instant coffee. Because of that stupidity, I'm paying the price, and when I say price - it's real money;  my scrumpy allowance wasted on some insane African coffee.
To tell you the truth, Starbucks coffee sucks. It's not even gourmet coffee. I like the Barako coffee of Batangas better or the Coffee Alamid, if you ever heard of it.
One reason I order coffee there though is that is a quiet place to study. There are other coffee shops out there but sometimes they have sloppy service. Starbucks also has sloppy service but, i guess, quite better.
I'm surprised that the the baristas, whenever I go there, remember me and call me by name. Ah, sorry, close ba tayo? I've always wanted to say that, but I thought they were just doing their job. Ba, parang barkada nalang ah. So, I've made it a point to memorise their names din. So that when I go there the next time, their jaws would drop.
You see, going to Starbucks is more than the coffee. For example: the girls. Starbucks is the best place to go birdwatching. It's a place to find inspiration especially if you want those creative juices to flow.
For those coffee addicts there like me, here are some tips on how to save a bit if your uptight.

How to save money at Starbucks

1. "Ghetto" Latte - This makeshift coffee drink lives up to its name. To make, order one or two shots of espresso in a large cup. Fill the rest with milk from the condiment station. If it's too cold, microwave at home or the office. For a ghetto macchiato, substitute the regular milk for a portion of half 'n' half equal to the amount of espresso.

2. Short Cap
- Some Starbucks sell a "short" cappuccino that isn't listed on the menu, but is only available by request. It's smaller and cheaper than the "tall," which is the smallest on the menu.

3. Black Coffee - Learn to like regular coffee. The expensive drinks at Starbucks are those dressed up with cream and sugar. Acquiring a taste for black coffee won't just save you money, it'll save you fat and calories as well.

4. Free Power - Instead of charging your laptop at home, bring it into Starbucks and charge it up for free.

5. Free News - Discarded sections of the day's newspapers are a staple at Starbucks. Instead of subscribing to a paper that you throw away after reading anyway, share with the Starbucks community.

6. The Hook-up - Starbucks employees get a free pound of coffee every week, which is often up for barter if you have something good to offer. I know a girl who worked at a doctor's office that traded a bag of free drug pens for a pound of Sumatran.

7. Osmosis - Sometimes all you need is a whiff of the coffee scent and the sound of whirring machines to trigger you into waking up in the morning. So walk in, take a deep breath, and drink in the morning energy. Leave as soon as you feel more awake and you've saved yourself the price of a coffee.


11 July 2007

happy 1st month law school!

It's almost a month since I entered law school. I can say that I am still in my adjustment stage.. Life as a law student is really hard. I spend more time studying than the actual classroom hours. I have practically given up my weekends where i used go out and party hard.  I have to develop a strict regimen of balancing my time and resources to ba able to survive day after day. I have to read 100 sometimes up to 300 pages of law books a day, excluding digesting piles of cases. It is not easy, believe me. We are 30 in class and 1 month later only 25 of us left. They say, the class is lucky if a dozen of us survives when we reach fourth year.

I remember though a very inspiring lecture given to us by our professor in Legal Profession. He says that to be able to succeed in the practice of law, 3 important basic things should be kept in mind:

Read: Since laws are written, there is no other way but to read the laws, or else you can't give advise. You wouldn't be able to know the facts. So, read effectively, don't take shortcuts. Second,

Understand: It is not enough that you just read and memorize the provisions in the book, you must have a grasp of it. You must be able to apply its rationale and logic to given situations. As Confucius say: "xxx What you see, you forget. What you hear, you remember; but what you do, you understand." I guess it only means you really have to feel it, breath it, and be it to really understand. And lastly,

Express: You must develop competency in oral and written communication because they are  what lawyers do. They speak and write on behalf of their clients - they have to represent.

I guess with this things in mind, I'd be able to discover the formula of getting into the rhythm of it.

08 July 2007

My Rigorous Life 07

My life is really rigorous. My day starts at 7 in the morning. I do my morning rituals, have coffee with people like Juaquin, Isagani and other really smart people. At ll A.M. I take a bath, do the other rituals and eat my early MSG infested lunch at the nearby "turo-turo." At about 12, I continue my search for learning about truth and justice, scribbling important notes, thinking about the what-would-be terror if I don't rub in important words to my sponge-like brain. Around 4-9 P.M. I go to the dungeon, more popularly known as the "class room." I compose my self for hours of grueling domination, sadistic, and masochistic experience. After it's over, I take my supper with people like me. We yield and succumb to our respective abodes, calling it a day.