08 July 2007

My Rigorous Life 07

My life is really rigorous. My day starts at 7 in the morning. I do my morning rituals, have coffee with people like Juaquin, Isagani and other really smart people. At ll A.M. I take a bath, do the other rituals and eat my early MSG infested lunch at the nearby "turo-turo." At about 12, I continue my search for learning about truth and justice, scribbling important notes, thinking about the what-would-be terror if I don't rub in important words to my sponge-like brain. Around 4-9 P.M. I go to the dungeon, more popularly known as the "class room." I compose my self for hours of grueling domination, sadistic, and masochistic experience. After it's over, I take my supper with people like me. We yield and succumb to our respective abodes, calling it a day.


jamie laine said...

im happy for you..

Goldie T. said...

hay... we choose our crosses to bear, they say.