31 October 2007

Bar Exam Tips & Secrets

Bar Exam Tips & Secrets




Contributed by:

Atty. Glenn M. Mortel


"There is nothing that can help a bar examinee most than a constant and intensive study of the provisions of the various codes and the interpretation and application thereof by the Supreme Court in its decisions. By study is meant, that the provisions must be correctly understood and the thought or words thereof put to memory. After a chapter, for example, has been studied, the next one should be studied next, and after this, a review of all that has already been studied re-reviewed, to keep the subject matter and the provisions fresh in mind." - Alejo Labrador

  1. Actual preparation for the bar examination starts from the first day a law student attended class during the first year in the law school.

  2. The blooming secret in passing the bar examination is this: Present good answers that will make the examiners take notice. Good answers anchored upon logical reasoning, written in readable English and more importantly, justified by appropriate legal authority.

  3. If the candidates are at a loss as to what specific legal provisions or case doctrines to use in answering problems, the only alternative left for them is to use their own common sense.

  4. The key to passing the bar examinations is contained in one word: ARTICULATION. Articulation is expressive of the following basic fundamentals: good language, impressive presentation, logical reasoning and substantial background knowledge of law and procedure.

  5. The examinee who has a fairly good command of English, assuming that he is prepared in all other matters, stands definitely with a much better chance of passing.

  6. The responsive character of a given answer would depend to a great extent, on command of good language, logical reasoning and impressive presentation. This objective of preparing impressive and responsive answers can only be achieved by constant practice.

  7. Get this straight right now. Passing the bar examination has been, still is, and will always be a difficult proposition!

  8. No one can really help you pass the bar examination but yourself.

  9. The greatest blooming secret of passing the bar examination is and will always be: PREPARATION! Not just any kind of preparation, but proper, sound and systematic preparation.

  10. Systematic review can only be done by the use of what we call schedules which the candidate must follow vigorously to the letter if he expects to attain the best results.

  11. There will be times when you become sleepy while reviewing but never for one moment, tell yourself: Man, this review can wait! Do not be stupid. Always remind yourself that time is of the essence and is decidedly running too short for you.

  12. Force yourself to read, understand and absorb what law you reviewed. Otherwise, all your efforts will go to waste.

  13. Love and review cannot mix in the business of preparing for the bar examination.

  14. Early to bed, early to rise, that is the way to make a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

  15. A morning shower is a must.

  16. Never stay up late to the wee hours of morning, cramming law into your head. This would not do you any good. Remember, you have to conserve as much energy as you possibly can.

  17. Remember, keeping your health in good running condition is just as important as reviewing and passing the bar examination.

  18. Good handwriting is decidedly a great factor in passing the bar examination.

  19. To beat time, never write kilometric answers.

  20. By far the most important tool that the bar candidate could equip himself with which to tackle the examination that is inherently personal to him is command of written English.

  21. You have to write simple, grammatically correct English if you want to hurdle the examination.

  22. Presentation of answers that are not only good but logical, full of substance and supported by law and other authorities, are gems to the examiner, whether he has a good or black heart.

  23. Make your motto now: Stick to codal provisions! Compliment this with doctrines laid down in recent decisions of the Supreme Court.

  24. Impressive answers showing the candidates reasoning faculty is what the examiners want to read in your examination notebooks.

  25. Ability to retain your understanding of the substance of the law through efforts of study is more desirable quality to possess than mere ability to memorize legal provisions.

  26. Memorizing a particular provision of law word for word but without understanding it and its various implications is a lot of wasted effort.

  27. Never fail to read the newspapers when you are preparing for the bar examination. Read newspapers from 20 to 30 minutes every day.

  28. You can never expect to pass the bar examination without preparation.

  29. Predicting probable questions based on important principles or provisions of law is the safer method of speculating what the examiners are likely to ask in their examinations.

  30. Never depend on tips for your passing. But never brush these tips aside as nothing but trash. They may likely cause your downfall. Never, however, bank too much on them.

  31. Cheating is one sure way to endanger your future career as a prospective member of the legal profession. Never commit such atrocious act like cheating in the bar examination. It never pays. Depend on your own capabilities. Fight your battle royale on a high plane!

  32. Fountain or sign pens are really the most important equipment in bar examination. Never start for the examination without bringing along with you two or more fountain or sign pens.

  33. Like the weather, examiners are absolutely a bunch of unpredictable fellows, capable of asking unpredictable questions.

  34. Do not try to memorize 50 definitions or distinctions in any given time. Two or three will do.

  35. The real secret in remembering the matters contained in an enumeration is the use of keywords. Make your keywords on enumerations you consider important.

  36. Never leave a blank in an enumeration! However, if you use the letters a, b, c, etc. for numbers in the enumeration, so much the better. Ten to one, the examiner may not count his fingers. Make the first four in the enumeration definitely good.

  37. The bar candidate should do well to be always on guard against catchy questions capable of being answered in a number of ways, e.g. What is a complaint? The perfect answer should include both definitions in criminal and civil procedure.

  38. Never be content to answer questions with a mere yes or no. You must, at all times, give justification why your answer is a yes or no. Unless, of course, the examiner qualifies his question with instruction enclosed in parenthesis like: (Answer with a yes or no only).

  39. Always determine the real facts (examiners have the bad habit of including irrelevant facts to confuse you) and the issue or issues in controversy. Which side you take, always justify your side with reasons based on law, rule, equity and justice. Whatever your answer may be, provided it is written in legible language, the examiner will never deny you the corresponding credit you deserve.

  40. Always remember, make efforts to frame your answers so that they are responsive to the questions. Never beat around the bush. Go right straight ahead with your answer. Avoid citations if and when you are not absolutely sure about them. The shorter the answers are, the more direct, the better. Avoid display of flowery expressions which are complicated by legal verbosity. All you need are sensible, direct and reasonable answers that are responsive to the questions.

  41. Legal knowledge is not enough to solve a particular legal issue. What is important is ability to apply this knowledge to the solution of legal controversies.

  42. The most convenient method of tackling problem questions is to present immediately the conclusion of a given answer. Practice, practice, constant practice will help the bar candidate write good answers that examiners will give favorable credit.

  43. The technique of writing down answers responsive to questions is a matter that the candidate must learn as a matter of imperative necessity.

  44. Brevity and directness when done properly could make an answer both effective and impressive. However, when overdone to a point where the ideas sought to be conveyed becomes vague and difficult to understand, they become a liability.

  45. Never forget that every candidate is a potential bar topnotcher.

  46. So, if you are a candidate just preparing for the bar examination, whose chances of passing are quite problematical, just limit your ambition for the present to just working hard to obtain a 75 percent in the great battle of your life.

  47. Take comfort in this: That even those who become lawyers by "just luck", are making good in the practice of law. Nothing can really put a determined man down.

  48. In your preparation for the greatest battle of your life, call upon Him who is the source of all knowledge, wisdom and understanding. In deep humility, bended knees and tears, He will make all things beautiful in His time. Victory belongs to the most persevering!


All excerpts, except the last (No. 48), were taken by Atty. GLENN M. MORTEL from the book "SECRETS ON HOW TO PASS THE BAR EXAMINATION" by Dean Wenceslao G. Laureta, 1990 edition.

29 October 2007

Why Men Handle Breakups Differently Than Women

When your woman tells you it is over you may be very angry at first. But as time goes by you may begin to wonder what happened and how you can get over the hurt and pain you are feeling. Men handle breakups very badly sometimes. Here are some reasons why that is.

If a man has been in a relationship for one year or more, chances are he has very few men friends that he spends time with anymore. If this describes your situation you are not alone. Women tend to have a large circle of women friends, relatives, and acquaintances that they can turn to when they breakup with their man. Men, on the other hand, tend to have almost no one they can talk to. Men are less likely to talk about the end of their relationship with anyone else and because of this they become very withdrawn. It may be many months before they discuss it with anyone, if ever.

Women show their emotions very easily most of the time. Men would rather discuss almost anything rather than things that are so personal to them. Men will pretend that breaking up with their woman was no big deal but, in reality, they may be on the verge of breaking down at any time. If you are feeling depressed and unhappy about a recent breakup look for someone that you can be open and honest with about how you are feeling. Getting your emotions out will be a big relief to you and help in the healing process.

Men dislike dating and meeting someone new. They would rather stay in a relationship that is not working any more than to have to risk being alone and having to work at meeting someone new. If you have just broken up with someone that was not truly a good match for you try to see it as an opportunity for you to eventually meet the right person to be in a relationship with. It may be hard to even think about that is your breakup happened recently, but know that it is not healthy to stay in a bad relationship.

If your woman has broken up with you, understand that you will probably feel terrible about it for quite a while. That is completely normal. Relationships are not easy. Try to figure out what went wrong so that you will have a better, long lasting relationship the next time around.

Relationships are never easy but you can learn how to have a happy, long lasting love with someone you care deeply about.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Connie_Ragen_Green

28 October 2007

superhero personality

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27 October 2007

Starbucks and DQ Bloopers

Starbucks Banaue
Barista: Goodevening sir.
Rah: Isang brewed coffee, tall.
Barista: (gets cup, turns out kulang yung coffee para mapuno yung cup) Ah.. Er.. sir would you like a space for you milk sir?
Rah: No. (Palusot pa eh)

Starbucks Araneta Center
Barista: Your name sir, for the cup
Rah: R.A.
(after about a month, i went there again same guy)
Barista: Oh R.A. galing kang school? Ano satin ngayon?
Rah: White Choco...
(After about another month)
Barista: R.A. Kamusta? Nagwowork ka na ba?
Rah.. ah oo, sa research ako.. blah blah blah
Barista: O, goodluch sa work mo ah.
(After 2 months)
Barista Oh R.A. San ka na ngayon?
Rah: Nagaaral na ulit ako...
(After 3 months nakita niya ako sa Mendiola)
Barista: Oh R.A. dito ka pala.. hindi ka napapadaan sa Starbucks Cubao ah.
Rah: (WAAAAAAAAAAA tan tanan mo ko, di tayo close.)

Dairy Queen Cubao
Rah: Isang Rocky Road
Barista: (Shows that the ice cream is not dripping by serving it upside down... Brings it back to the upright position and lays it down the counter then NATUMBA. A part of the side of the ice cream touches the counter... an uncomfortable pause... she looks at me and I looked at her.. ) then she says: "Thank you sir!" pushing the ice cream towards me"
Rah: *Scratches his head

Starbucks Banaue ulit
Girl: Caramel Frap, tall
Barista: Makes the Frap pero kulang
Girl: Para atang ang konti ng frap niyo ngayon?
Barista: Ah er, Sige ulitin nalang natin.
Rah: Hehehe

25 October 2007

Carpenters - Goodbye To Love

bye to love. ako yung nagigitara dito. pati mukha ko naggitara

24 October 2007


Who cares kung wala akong pera palagi?
Who cares kung mahirap ang school?
Who cares kung lagi nalang akong walang gana?
Who cares kung ayaw niya?
Who cares kung magisa lang ako?
Who cares kung boring ako?
Who cares kung lagi nalang ako depressed lately?
Who cares kung hindi ako maintindihan ng tao?
Who cares kung hindi  ako masaya?
Who cares kung gusto ko ng tahimik lang na buhay?
Who cares kung feeling ko ang tanda ko na?
Who cares kung malakas ako uminom?
Who cares kung gusto ko ng donut palagi?
Who cares kung pagchismisan man ako ng mga tao?
Who cares kung minsan naluluha nalang ako bigla dahil di ko na alam ang gagawin ko?
Who cares?? WHO CARES?!?!

21 October 2007

Today is Chess Day

I love chess. Some people think it is a boring game, but not for me. Believe me, my adrenalin rush every time I get play a good game of chess. When I  was a little kid, my old man enrolled me in Chess Milo Best in Manila. I would commute for 2 hours just so I can  get along with chess fanatics like me. Chess taught me a lot of things about life. I taught me to be imaginative, to be patient, and to focus.
Glorietta bombings. Multiple murder with multiple serious physical injury. Complex Crime punishable by death. But, because death is suspended, the criminal would probably end up to prison in no more than 40 years.
Finals is finished; Murphy's Law; Is something can go wrong, it will go wrong. My Persons and Family Relations was damn hard. I reviewed the wrong materials, I've always known those reviewers were jinx. I should stick with the good design.
After finals party; Poker; I won; thanks Miss Cherry for teaching me how to play poker, you are really a champion.
Dating; Mall of Asia; Time Zone; I knew it, that guy is making porma with Ms. Videoke girl. I can read it in his body language.
Same; Same; Ice Skating; It was fun skating with you. Thank you din sa pansit, at sa Sizzling. I really missed you. I'm sorry can't come to your house. I have a paper to finish.
Fish Fraud; my favorite fish died, and no one told me. It took like a month before I found out. It turned out that Old man, bought another fish that was identical to my gold fish so that I would not feel that bad. Aww. sweet. goes to show what you don't know can't hurt you.

08 October 2007

What are friends for?

Come to think of it, what are friends for? One of the better answers I've found is from my favorite book by Baltazar Gracian:

Let friendly relations be a school of knowledge, and culture be taught through conversation: thus you make your friends your teachers and mingle the pleasures of conversation with the advantages of instruction. Sensible persons thus enjoy alternating pleasures: they reap applause for what they say, and gain instruction from what they hear. We are always attracted to others by our own interest,

p. 7

but in this case it is of a higher kind. Wise men frequent the houses of great noblemen not because they are temples of vanity, but as theatres of good breeding. There be gentlemen who have the credit of worldly wisdom, because they are not only themselves oracles of all nobleness by their example and their behaviour, but those who surround them form a well-bred academy of worldly wisdom of the best and noblest kind.

- baltazar gracian

05 October 2007

dura lex said rah

As the famous maxim in law: "Dura lex sed lex" - the law is harsh, but it is the law. Another way to say it is Dura lex said RAh - which simply means law is hard and my ass  is on the line. Indeed it is tough, especially now that finals is at bay. It is time to hibernate and prepare. It's either make or break.