21 October 2007

Today is Chess Day

I love chess. Some people think it is a boring game, but not for me. Believe me, my adrenalin rush every time I get play a good game of chess. When I  was a little kid, my old man enrolled me in Chess Milo Best in Manila. I would commute for 2 hours just so I can  get along with chess fanatics like me. Chess taught me a lot of things about life. I taught me to be imaginative, to be patient, and to focus.
Glorietta bombings. Multiple murder with multiple serious physical injury. Complex Crime punishable by death. But, because death is suspended, the criminal would probably end up to prison in no more than 40 years.
Finals is finished; Murphy's Law; Is something can go wrong, it will go wrong. My Persons and Family Relations was damn hard. I reviewed the wrong materials, I've always known those reviewers were jinx. I should stick with the good design.
After finals party; Poker; I won; thanks Miss Cherry for teaching me how to play poker, you are really a champion.
Dating; Mall of Asia; Time Zone; I knew it, that guy is making porma with Ms. Videoke girl. I can read it in his body language.
Same; Same; Ice Skating; It was fun skating with you. Thank you din sa pansit, at sa Sizzling. I really missed you. I'm sorry can't come to your house. I have a paper to finish.
Fish Fraud; my favorite fish died, and no one told me. It took like a month before I found out. It turned out that Old man, bought another fish that was identical to my gold fish so that I would not feel that bad. Aww. sweet. goes to show what you don't know can't hurt you.


C. Seamus Ü said...

Facts: During their high school days, when boredom sets-in during the afternoon subjects, said Claretians where either eating outside, smoking in the crs or playing chess behind the lockers. Allegedly some where also engaged in out-of-school-so-called-org-related violence, but not proven. Although said Claretians show interest and excel at subjects like PE and Music and other extra-curricular activities.

Issue: Whether or not playing around and not focusing on the subjects would lead to a serious ground for not excelling academically in the future.

Held: It was not proven, though some students ended up not knowing Calculus, having fun inside the classroom especially during the high school years is a time honored, acceptable act. Not excelling academically in the future is not a direct result of the past misdeeds. Contention is SET ASIDE.


tara inom! Ü

rah oibas said...

Concurring opinion.
Doodling and making paper airplanes taught me more than 2 years of Technology and Home Economics.

Lucky Cornel said...

Chess has many phallic symbols...