27 November 2007

25 at 25

Thank you sa lahat ng pumunta sa birthday ko. I REALLY never thought that it would be that fun! Salamat sa mga bumati sakin. Kay joe, jp, Rachelle, cherry, domini, avril, meg,  allen, jez, tin, bey, chris, seamus, jodan, miss hernandez, miss gabby, miss micai, mymy, luck, tita cora, mama tatay, ange, ryan dj, atty jing, joyce, paul krisy rika and friends, tito edsel and family, joanne. Sa lahat ng mga nagregalo, sa lahat ng nag wish, sa lahat ng pumunta MARAMING MARAMING SALAMAT. tHANK YOU sa mga sinamahan ako maglasing, thank you sa mga nagluto, nagdala ng pagkain, inumin. Maraming maraming maraming salamat. Sorry sa mga hindi ko naimbita, hindi ko talaga inaakala na marami, it was supposed to be a family affair lang, kaya nga konti lang ang putahe. salamat sa san mig, grand ma, at sa cog- nac.
THis is really a memorable experience. Come to think of it, i've spent 1/3rd of my life na. 25 at 25! i will really treasure this legacy and I am happy that a lot came to celebrate it with me.
Sana invite niyo din ako sa mga birthday niyo, at sana makapunta kayo sa mga susunod ko pang birthdays na darating. Again, maraming maraming salamat, lalo don sa mga nageffort talaga despite their busy scheds, tight budget, etc. Maraming maraming salamat i can't thank you enough guys! mabuhay kayo. :)

07 November 2007

bogus date personality

Your dating personality profile:

Liberal - Politics matters to you, and you aren't afraid to share your left-leaning views.  You would never be caught voting for a conservative candidate.
Romantic - You know exactly how to melt your date's heart.  Romance comes naturally to you and is an important component of any relationship you have.
Funny - You laugh often.  People never accuse you of lacking a sense of humor.  You don't take yourself too seriously.
Your date match profile:

Funny - You consider a good sense of humor a major necessity in a date.  If her jokes make you laugh, she has won your heart.
Practical - You are drawn to people who are sensible and smart.  Flashy, materialistic people turn you off.  You appreciate the simpler side of living.
Conservative - Forget liberals, you need a conservative match.  Political discussions interest you, and a conservative will offer the viewpoint you need.
Your Top Ten Traits

1. Liberal
2. Romantic
3. Funny
4. Stylish
5. Adventurous
6. Wealthy/Ambitious
7. Outgoing
8. Athletic
9. Intellectual
10. Big-Hearted
Your Top Ten Match Traits

1. Funny
2. Practical
3. Conservative
4. Adventurous
5. Romantic
6. Athletic
7. Sensual
8. Wealthy/Ambitious
9. Intellectual
10. Stylish

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04 November 2007

Goodbye Booze, Hello Books

Goodbye booze, hello books. Today is my last petiks day. I have to go back to my dorm, clean it and get ready for my training. Speaking of books, law books are damn expensive, about 1,500 each and I have to buy around 5 books per sem, and I'm poor as a rat. But, I am always reminded that:
If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.
Since I'm a big fan of boxing, I've watched the much anticipated fight of Marquez vs Juarez. Marquez was the one who beat Manny Pacquiao's ass. And it seems to me that Manny is scared to face Marquez again. MP is real  coward, he opts for big money fights instead of real boxing glory and legacy. Marquez is one of my favorite fighters in the super lightweight, he punches with precision, nothing flashy but a real technician. Marquez and Pacquiao should really beat each other para magakaalaman na, if not, I'm convinced that MP is a real pussy.

Criteria of truth


 Criteria of truth

If someone believes something, they think that it is true, but they may be mistaken. This is not the case with knowledge. For example, a man thinks that a particular bridge is safe, and he attempts to cross it; unfortunately, the bridge collapses under his weight. It could be said that the man believed that the bridge was safe, but that his belief was mistaken. It would not be accurate to say that he knew that the bridge was safe, because plainly it was not. For something to count as knowledge, it must actually be true.

The Aristotelian definition of truth states:

"To say of something which is that it is not, or to say of something which is not that it is, is false. However, to say of something which is that it is, or of something which is not that it is not, is true."