22 January 2008


It happened. It just did. One day everything just became clear.

 2. The power or faculty of the mind by which it distinguishes
one thing from another; power of viewing differences in
objects, and their relations and tendencies; penetrative
and discriminate mental vision; acuteness; sagacity;
insight; as, the errors of youth often proceed from the
want of discernment.

Syn: Judgment; acuteness; discrimination; penetration;
sagacity; insight. -- Discernment, Penetration,
Discrimination. Discernment is keenness and accuracy
of mental vision; penetration is the power of seeing
deeply into a subject in spite of everything that
intercepts the view; discrimination is a capacity of
tracing out minute distinctions and the nicest shades of
thought. A discerning man is not easily misled; one of a
penetrating mind sees a multitude of things which escape
others; a discriminating judgment detects the slightest


boop bop said...

why? you used to have a clouded mind ba? hehe di naman ah:)

tsina achanzar said...

"It happened. It just did. One day everything just became clear."

what "did" happen?

rah oibas said...

yes, i used to have a mind that floats. Then, one day, I woke up, and I am a better person. Pramis! :)

rah oibas said...

I sort of came from a personal retreat. And then, one morning, i woke up, i know exactly what to do!

jeffrey castro said...

good for you bro!!! so what's your plan, einstein??

C. Seamus Ü said...

Eureka! Ü

rah oibas said...

I can tell you pare... It has to do with "The Way". But whatever it is.. it feels good. hhaaha