08 September 2008

On preserving enthusiasm

One day, i was talking to a great musician. I asked him, why he was so good. He says:

"In the morning, always start with a warm up. Take note of  the basics, rather than the most difficult things. When you start the day,  set a side a little bit of time with your instrument. Serious students, specially those who are studying complicated pieces must keep their enthusiasm; try to remember why they started playing the guitar. Do not lose that sense of joy, sense of mystery, sense of fun. That's vital, that's more precious than any technique."


Marvin Sanchez said...

I started playing guitar in high school to impress a girl. I don't think I succeeded.

Cockroach Sewers said...

Enthusiasm is just a natural mechanism of the human body to get you to do something that you will eventually get bored doing. Your body merely distracts you from the fact that playing music is meaningless, and so is life.

Jodan Valle said...

8 out of 10 people wanted to learn how to play the guitar because of Eraserheads... 2 out of 10 because of Ang Huling El Bimbo... hahahaha