11 December 2008

20 ways on how you can save in Starbucks

Here's what I think all people should do to avoid giving their hard earned money to Starbucks.

1. The first rule -- "Don't go to Starbucks!"
2. If you are already in Starbucks, don't order anything.
3. If you have to order, buy the cheapest drink.
4. Milk is healthy and expensive. Ask for a cup of milk and every 5 minutes. Drink all the milk that you can.
5. Get more sugar than you need and bring it home.
6. Get as much tissue as you can, bring it home, or as a reserve in case of "emergency."
7. Get as much stirrer as you can. Use it to play pick up sticks.
8. Starbucks has this policy, that if you are not happy with your drink, they will "make it right." What you have to do, is to drink, 1/4 of your drink and tell the barista you are not happy with the way your drink tastes. Repeat as needed.
9. Use all the condiments. Vanilla powder, choco, cinnamon, etc.
10. Bring your own coffee stealthily placed in a Starbucks tumbler, or any tumbler.
11. Detox. Water is good for you. Drink as much water as you can.
12. Go to the toilet and take a dump.They have clean CRs, take advantage of this.
13. Clean is in.Use as much soap as much as you can in washing your hands.
14. Use as much water in the c.r. as needed.
15. Use the dryer.
16. Take advantage of the air con. Stay as long as you can.
17. Feed your mind. Read everything that is in the magazine stack.
18. Make friends. Get to chat with cute baristas.
19. Take advantage of the parking.
20. (your own suggestion here)


yale zemlin said...

Nice! hahahaha=]

Klarriness Tanalgo said...

for Christmas: just say "No"...

...when they offer you them darned planner sticker booklets. "No thank you," tell the kind barista. those booklets are temptations, i tell you. particularly when they stick out from your wallet.

chelle carpiso said...

funny lalao a at naaddict ako sa starbucks ngayon....

rah oibas said...

shucks oo nga, malapit nanaman magpasko, magooffer nanaman sila ng planner.

Klarriness Tanalgo said...

o. remember the rule, ha? =P

Klarriness Tanalgo said...



Wala, umistarbak ako nung Wednesday at binigyan ako ng sticker booklet. Even if I said no. Pfffft. Alangang hindi ko punuin... diba? =P