29 January 2009

Welcome Katas

I dub you, "Katas"
Katas of editing another person's legal papers which won 5 five digit figures, and was published in a journal somewhere.

Hope we get to have a lot of happy moments "Kat"



Killer Guitar Tones!
The Zoom G1x gives you a tremendous selection of effects and amp models for an incredibly low price! The G1x employs Zoom's ZFX-3 DSP chip and a 96kHz sampling rate to deliver amazingly accurate models of tube harmonics. Its 24-bit AD/DA conversion offers excellent dynamic range. The G1x provides a variety of effects categories: Comp/EFX, Drive, EQ, ZNR/Amp modeling, Modulation, Delay, and Reverb. For added flexibility, the G1x sports an expression pedal for control over effects such as flange, wah, and other effects. It's loaded with 40 presets, many of which are modeled on the signature sounds of famous guitarists. The G1x will run for up to 12 hours continuously on four AA batteries and comes with an included AC adaptor.

Zoom G1x Guitar Effects Pedal at a Glance:
  • 21 amp and stompbox models
  • 54 high-quality effects
  • Built-in drum machine
  • Auto-chromatic guitar tuner

21 amp and stompbox models
By digitally simulating the clipping action of analog devices such as tubes and diodes, the G1x faithfully duplicates the distortion of tube amps and vintage effects. Choices range from models that made guitar history such as Fender, Marshall, and Vox to popular modern amps including Mesa Boogie, Peavey, and Diezel. An acoustic simulator is also included, so the G1x can make your electric instrument sound like an acoustic.

54 high-quality effects
The G1x provides a total of eight modules with 54 effect types ranging from standard to advanced. Duplicate the historic sounds of the MXR Dynacomp, Vox Wah, or Crybaby Wah. Apply EQ in three bands. Two types of chorus add spaciousness and depth. The G1x has five types of reverb to simulate the acoustics of a room or concert hall. The Harmonized Pitch Shifter can play along with you - all effects are designed for real-life musical applications. Use delay and echo settings with up to five seconds of delay time.

Built-in drum machine
The G1x offers realistic drum sounds derived from PCM samples, arranged in a variety of rhythm patterns for different musical genres. The 40 rhythm variations include steady 8-beats for rock and pop, funky 16-beats, jazzy 4-beats, shuffles for blues styles, and more. Rhythm training is easy, and a tap input lets you set tempos easily.

Auto-chromatic guitar tuner
The G1x's guitar tuner can be called up instantly by pushing the two footswitches together. High-brightness LED indicators make the note readout easy to see on a dark stage. Mute tuning - without a sound output - is also possible.

Zoom G1x Guitar Effects Pedal Features:
  • Zoom ZFX-3 24-bit/96kHz digital multi-effects processor
  • 54 Effects types/8 Modules
  • 40kHz frequency response
  • Built-in drum machine and harmonized pitch shifter
  • 80 patches (40 user defined and 40 preset patches)
  • Built-in Expression Pedal
  • Operates on 4 AA batteries or included AC power adapter

27 January 2009

Share a Seat, Win a Friend

Have you ever seen the "share a seat, win a friend" sign? I have yet to meet a person who actually won a friend just by sharing his extra seat.

I don't know who coined that phrase, but i do know it wasn't really meant to encourage camaraderie and friendship. It is a device to accommodate people in scrumpy places.

We all know why those signs are there. We don't believe it - but we still do what it says. We still share that extra seat out.

I don't know why, but it is probably because we have this hidden faith, even with just the slightest possibility,  that we might just win that friend, indeed!

It's like that feeling we get before opening a bag of Chickadee's  -- we anticipate that free toy; in the same way that we anticipate winning that free "friend."

20 January 2009

18 January 2009

Better than Bliss

My eyes are roaming out the room to find
Special someone out there meant for me
As I gaze at your smiling face 'so real
No words can express the way I feel

Can you know, that your touch
Saves me from being lonely
Can you hear, my heart
Beating you're my one and only
It's better than bliss
I don't know what it is
It's better than bliss
Girl I miss your kiss

Days and nights are cold when you're not with me
But I still remain so faithful, can't you see
Come caress my body longing for you
No one else can love me the way you do

I know you're there so far
'need you to be here
There is no other place
That I'd rather be...

Can you know, that your touch
Saves me from being lonely
Can you hear, my heart
Beating you're my one and only
It's better than bliss
I don't know what it is
It's better than bliss
Girl I miss your kiss

(Sabio, Nobleza, 2005)

14 January 2009

kwarto -sugarfee

Maglilinis ako ng aking kwarto
Na punong-puno ng galit at damit
Mga bagay na hindi ko na kailangan
Nakaraang hindi na pwedeng pagpaliban

Oohh… Oohh…

Mga liham ng nilihim kong pag-ibig
At litrato ng kahapong maligalig
Dahan-dahan kong inipon
Ngunit ngayo’y kailangan nang itapon

Di ko na kayang mabuhay sa kahapon
Kaya mula ngayon, mula ngayon

May jacket mong nabubulok sa sulok
Na inaalikabok na sa lungkot
May panyong ilang ulit nang niluhaan
Isang patak sa bawat beses na tayo’y nasaktan


Mula ngayon

Ala-ala ng lumuluhang kahapon
Dahan-dahan ko na ring kinakahon
Natagpuan ko na ang tunay kong ligaya
Lumabas ako ng kwarto’t naroon siya

Magpapaalam na sa ‘yo ang aking kwarto (4x)
Magpapaalam na sa ‘yo(3x)
Magpapaalam na sa ‘yo ang aking kwarto

08 January 2009

Nietzsche's concept of the error of the unknown

The Third Great Error

Continuing on from the last two posts, Herr Nietzsche now explains how the human desire for comfort lends to the perception of an "imaginary cause" that compensates a state of mind. In three sections, Nietzsche explains how one may take this action, the psychological reasoning behind it, and finally how it applies to concepts of morality and religion. In my interpretation, I understand it starting with someone who lacks or does not have a firm grasp on the laws of the natural world—natural causality. When someone blames something bad on the actions of a witch, some 'evil spirit,' or invokes the name of some deity to explain that which is unknown, are they not merely acting out of defense to comfort their state of mind—a compensation for a lack of knowledge on a certain matter? And upon what basis do people assume these causes and turn them into a fact—into memes? Pure imagination. Essentially, our perception of reality is incomplete or flawed, and that very fact disturbs us to the point that we should create something to fill the gap—to complete our perception and bring ourselves comfort. What is so bad about accepting that we are ignorant about certain things? What good is there in producing a guess or outright lie that may in fact be wrong? This is the error of our intellectual arrogance.

grabbed from: http://dailynietzsche.blogspot.com/2007/12/third-great-error.html

06 January 2009

jumping jumping

Lahat na ata ng tao, may jumping pic. Ako nalang ang wala. Kaya naman, dahil ingittero ako, magpopost din ako ng sarili kong jumping picture!

left: me, center: jodan (jump pare! :) right: jeff :)

01 January 2009

Don't Quit Poem by C. Howell

When things go wrong, as they sometimes will, When the road you're trudging seems all up hill, When the funds are low and the debts are high, And you want to smile, but you have to sigh, When care is pressing you down a bit, Rest if you must, but don't you quit.

Life is queer with its twists and turns, As everyone of us sometimes learns, And many a failure turns about When he might have won had he stuck it out; Don't give up, though the pace seems slow; You might succeed with another blow.

Often the goal is nearer than It seems to a faint and faltering man, Often the struggler has given up. When he might have captured the victor's cup. And he learned too late, when the night slipped down, How close he was to the golden crown.