30 March 2009

Emotional Guidance System

The Emotional Guidance scale has a range of emotions beginning with the most positive empowering emotions to emotions of desperation and weakness.

The Emotional Guidance scale as explained by Esther and Jerry Hicks, has the following emotions.

During the day you need to be aware of which emotion you are experiencing from the Emotional Guidance System. When you are experiencing the positive emotions you are helping in the co creation of your goals.

When you feel a negative emotion you are blocking yourself from your source and blocking abundance. You then have to shift that negative emotion to better feeling emotion on the scale.

One of the methods to move to a better feeling emotions is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) which is a natural and effective technique to heal negative emotions. When you feel stuck with negative emotions tapping on the meridian endings releases the negative energy and makes you feel calmer.

It is also important to heal the core issues behind the negative emotions. Suppose you feel anger towards a loved one. Healing past pain caused by this person who has angered you will help you feel lasting peace.

When you are happy and grateful we are connected to the universe, the source energy. When you are connected to your source you are in alignment with your goals.

When you are feeling negative emotions like frustration, impatience, anger etc you are disconnected from your source and we are not in alignment with your goals.

To be vibrating with positive emotions of love and gratitude may require you to make a committed effort towards your healing if you have not already done that. Healing past pain and negative beliefs improves your self esteem and helps you to vibrate with emotions indicated on the higher scale of the emotional guidance system.

The result is that you make peace with your past and you stop fighting the present moment. You vibrate with happy emotions and you are in the process helping in the manifestation of your goals and you become a conscious co creator.