05 March 2009

Gay moments in LRT2

Before that, I have a joke.

Use VIOLET in a sentence?

Shucks my pen doesn't have ink. 'di bale, I'll go to National Bookstore and VIOLET. :D
nye! :D

OK game.

Everyday, I take the LRT2. Before you get to the platform, of course you have to pass through a routine inspection. Sometimes, especially during rush hours, the line is so long that you have to think of something to do while waiting for your turn -- like read something.

So LRT2 authorities do just that, they give you something to read. They post a list of macho looking most wanted criminals and public enemies.

It is quite amusing that these posters of wanted criminals are pretty updated. Last year only faces of these public enemies can be seen. BUT NOW, VOILA! They already have BIG X marks, indicating their capture, death, or probably the government's loss of interest in them.

Sometimes, I wonder if the picture portraits of those wanted criminals are really them. I say this because one of the pictures looks like Manny Pacquiao. I'm not kidding, see for your self (third from the the top). Another picture looks like Jose of Eat Bulaga.

After a short wait, my time for my bag to be inspected comes.

The guard pretends to inspect my bag, but he is not really concerned with this. His real concern IS TO SMELL passengers. This creates discomfort for a lot of passengers.

The ways he does this, is first, he creates a very small isle for you to pass through -- so you have to walk sideways, thus your face points to his. Then he extends  his nose to your face to a point of an attempted kiss. He does this to see if you are smell like alcohol, and thus, deny your entry.

Whenever the guard does this "sniffing thing" -- I hate it. I have goose bumps every time this happens. It's an everyday gay moment with Mr. Guard.

But you see, they probably hate this part of their job, too. Imagine doing this for thousands of commuters everyday.

I'm glad I don't have their job, I don't have to deal with their hassle. I mean, you have to commend them somehow for doing their job, right? Before this kind of inspection, I've seen a lot of drunk passengers in the train leaving their biological stains.

But you know what, whatever! Even with this justification, this gay moment STILL sends chills to my spine.


joe fajarillo said...

hahahaha ur so funny. buti nakaktawa kasi ang korny nun jowk. hahah :) peace.

Oliver Cachapero said...

basketbol na lang!

Ace Arvin Gando said...

tama, basketball na lang yan...

Blanco Perez said...

poor guy. hindi lahat pareho ng smell di ba. nyehehe. bigyan mo naman ng vicks para di mahilo =) ahaha! =)

rah oibas said...

minsan, naiisip ko, trip lang. ano kaya kung amuyin ko din si Mr. Guard. That would be fun. baka barilin niya ako. waaa.

dindi marie lim said...

hahaha y not try db?

Blanco Perez said...

hindi naman siguro (^_^) baka kasi like din nya yun.ehehehe =P