14 June 2009


Professors are paid a great deal of money to teach and to give  fair grades.

Sadly, some professors, who are not in any way worthy of the academic title "professor,"are synonyms for book parrots.

What's worse, when the semester is over,  these "so called" profs play a game called "dart-a-grade."

I didn't believe it  until I saw it with my very eyes. Darts are real. It has  happened, is happening, and will happen again. It targets students indiscriminately at the most unexpected times.

Pray if you must. Seek for the intercession of your saints. Be humble, because you'll never know, you just might be the target of the next dart.


Chryztyne Hermoso said...

aww..that's reality being at its best bitterness, dear.=)

* bea * said...

hay naku! sa school lang ata natin uso yung darts. wala tayong kalaban laban. bad trip!!!!

Lucky Cornel said...

darts have been good for me, so far ;)

remember the head nodding technique

rah oibas said...

that's skill man! :) that's a class in "appreciation." I agree. It might be and advantage, but then again, when darts happen, grading systems lose their sense.