07 June 2009

Extracting the Sweet From the Bitter

Only an espresso machine can extract the sweet crema from the bitter coffee, that's why, I am saving up to buy an "espresso machine" to replace, for good, my hassle, unreliable, and wasteful "coffee press."

Espresso is a concentrated coffee beverage brewed by forcing hot water under pressure through ground coffee. A distinguishing characteristic of espresso is the crema - a caramel  foam that floats on the surface and traps and holds the finest coffee oils and aromas that in other brewing processes are lost.  If you know good coffee, you know crema. A good crema undoubtedly means a good espresso.

And just like an espresso machine, I extract the sweet from the bitter. Like in the same way, I transform lemons to lemonade, stumbling blocks to stepping stones, loss to lesson, difficulties to opportunity, and oppression to justice.

Yes, it might have been a bitter arbitrariness that I have tasted, but from that bitterness, I will extract my sweet success -- just like how an espresso machine extracts crema out of bitter beans.


Debie Grace Bersabal said...

very well said. :)

Chryztyne Hermoso said...


Klarriness Tanalgo said...

perfect as can ever be said of bitter coffee.