20 June 2009

Fire distinguisher

Yesterday, on my way home, I was in the LRT  and overheard two teachers  talking about a fire incident that happened at their school. Apparently, they were ranting because their principal was very disappointed with them. Students, while the fire incident broke out, were very unorganized and in complete restlessness. Some students even went back to the site where the fire broke out to retrieve their things.

One of the teachers said:

"Baliwala yung... (hesitates) fire distinguisher, hindi naman kasi natin abot, hindi din natin alam gamitin!"

The other teacher replied, "Oo, nga. Nagseminar pa nga tayo kung paano gamiting yung fire distinguisher na yan, pero hindi din naman natin kasalanan kung bakit nagkagulo yung mga bata ng ganon. Buti nalang napatay nila sunog agad. Pero, sana nasunog nalang yung room para narenovate lahat..." They both giggled as they alighted out of the train.

I had my own giggle, too!

It's the first time I heard of a device that distinguishes fire.

Do you know how to use a "fire distinguisher?" -- Well, I don't.

I will learn to use it as soon as possible. We'll never know where the next fire might happen.


jeffrey castro said...



baka naman hindi nila alam kung ano yung apoy.... hehehehe... =)

djei kasilag said...


"fire distinguisher"---word of the day!

kalai kai said...

uy i want to have one! i wanna know what are the different kinds of fire! funny funny funny!