19 June 2009

Happy Birthday H1N1 virus

I though I've just discovered a remedy for Swine Flu.

Before class I went to the CR to compose my self. There I saw my friend  washing his hands while singing "Happy Birthday to You."  

I wondered if it is his birthday, but before I had an opportunity to ask, he left. He was late for class.

A while ago I received an information that San Beda has just confirmed its first case of Swine Flu and that the school will be closed for 10 days.

I panicked. I don't want to get infected.

And just like a lighted bulb. A spark of idea came to me.

You can sing "Happy Birthday to You" while washing your hands. It  takes about 15 seconds of applying soap to ensure that hands are clean. Singing happy birthday takes just about the same length of time. You will know your hands are clean when you are done singing.

If you don't want to sing Happy Birthday, you may instead opt to sing
Ba Ba Black Sheep or Twinkle Twinkle as they all share the same melody anyway.

I just thought I've stumbled upon a really good idea. Not until I saw a tarpaulin outside our school that recommends exactly the same thing.

I realised that's the reason why my friend was singing Happy Birthday a while ago in the first place.

My idea wasn't original after all.

Right at that moment my imaginary "light bulb" at the side of my head flickered and became totally dim and dark again.


Chryztyne Hermoso said...

ay huli ka na sa balita. hehe.
btw, you can sing or hum the same songs while brushing your teeth too.

gamekiller - said...

bat di ka nalang kumanta ng kanta ng rage against the machine song! bombtrack!

mas astig yun diba!

Lexiwexi Leomo said...

this is actually brilliant because you were able to pinpoint an specific mundane triviality in your life and preserve it in collected, coherent entry! CHEERS CHEERS! for every brilliant idea like this, give yourself a beer!