26 June 2009

I'm a Secret Fan of Michael Jackson

Yeah, you got that right. I'm into Jackson music. When I was in elementary, I was known in our school as a metal rocker. I could shred heavy metal guitar solos and had a wide collection of rock records of  Metallica, Megadeath, Pink floyd, Kiss, and Led Zep, you name it, I probably have it. You can say I was some sort of guru of rock and roll back then.

Little did my classmates and co-heavy rockers know that sometimes, when I am alone, I listen to Michal Jackson music and practice the moonwalk. I even wrote Michael Jackson a letter and sent it to his fan club.

Michael Jackson was like a drug to a lot of people like me -- a lot are addicted to his music and yet no one admits. And so it came to me as a surprise when I learned the King of Pop is dead.

Farewell Michael Jackson. Your music (and finger pointing, crouching, high-kicking, splay-footed, crotch-grabbing, moonwalking style) will be remembered forever.


Chryztyne Hermoso said...

aaww...i was about to write something about him too. I am a fan too.=)

rah oibas said...

Baka nagpakamatay siya. Heart attack daw eh... pero it could have been caused by something.

Chryztyne Hermoso said...

nakakaiyak yung mga news. i am mourning for him.huhu.
whatever the cause, i think it's the best time for him to die..=)

rah oibas said...

hahaha he shouldn't die yet. hindi ko pa siya napapanood ng live! hehehe

leslie balino said...

who isnt?hehehe

love it kuya!!!!

rah oibas said...

after 15 years, hindi ko parin magets yung moonwalk.