23 June 2009

Schedule your comebacks.

"Progress toward your goals is never gonna be a straight line; it'll always going to be a wavy line. You'll go up and come down a little. Two steps forward and one step back. Now most people get discouraged when they take the two steps back, they think they're failing. But they really haven't. They really in sync with the natural rhythm of progress. Now once you understand this rhythm, you can look ahead on your calendar to refresh, renew, and recover. Schedule your comeback while you're on top. Schedule a block of time to get away. Even to get away from what you love. Because coming back is gonna be that much more exciting when you've been renewed."

- Steve Chandler


tsina achanzar said...

i like.

rah oibas said...

layman's term for "petiks"

tsina achanzar said...

i think it's more than that cuz. it's a pattern of life. and those who are wise enough to know how to deal with it are blessed. otherwise, they breakdown or worse, they end on their deathbeds.. hehehe
pwede ko ba kopyahin to... ipost ko lang sa facebook. hehe.

daniel john said...

sabiko na nga ba yan yung audiobook na pinarining mo sakin noon. kaya pla sounds family!