01 July 2009

"Tu a que te dedicas?"

Lately someone asked me, "What do you do?"

I wanted to answer back, "What do you care?" but I thought this might be a little rude, so I instead gave him a straight answer.

Maybe you ask this question a lot too, especially at  times you are reunited with your college friends or relatives.

The thing is, for a lot of people, "What do you do?" is  a source of insecurity. For a lot people who are not happy with how their precious time are spent, answering this question is not pleasurable at all.

"Anong trabaho mo?" similarly is quite burdensome. The word trabaho  means to labor for money. It makes you think that working for money is supposed to be very hard -- which should not be the case.

Perhaps a better way to ask "what do you do?" is to ask it in Spanish:

"Tu a que te dedicas?"

Literally means "What are you dedicated (to)?" In context it means, "What are you doing for life? Or "To what endeavor do you dedicate your life to?"

It is a beautiful question because it makes you reflect on whether you are spending your life doing the right thing.

Dedication is the key to a very successful career. Dedication means one has found his purpose for working. It means love for work. It means passion, perseverance, and inspiration for work. It means security, confidence, and contentment.  Dedication means giving a deeper meaning to your chosen career.

The next time you bump with a friend, do him a favor. Instead of asking him "What do you do?" ask him "Tu a que te dedicas?" or simply, "To what endeavor do you dedicate your life to?"


Chryztyne Hermoso said...

Tu a que te dedicas? =)

rah oibas said...

Si! Si! hahaha :)