26 August 2009


While drinking my coffee yesterday, something happened to me - I transcended in the state of consciousness.

A wave of familiarity and mystery flowed through my body. Right there, right then, I became  aware of everything.

My coffee was suddenly more than it seemed. I noticed the simplest things that make it up. It was a black liquid, hot, sweet, and aromatic.

I noticed everything around me. I can feel. I'm alive. I can think. I can absorb information. Everything was so new. It was as if it was my first day on earth. It was a great feeling of enlightenment. It was a direct subjected experience. It was a feeling of expanded comprehension.

But then, with this surge of consciousness came along waves of overwhelming confusion. I began to doubt deeply. How did I recognize all these things? Where does this knowledge come from? Why am I here? What is my purpose? Is this just a dream? Is this real? What is truth? Where do all this questions come from? Millions of questions pierced my eyes twice the speed of light.

I couldn't seem to go on. It was as if I was a prisoner of my own thoughts. I was paralyzed. The happiness I felt as consciousness unfolded itself was replaced by deep melancholy. I know that if I stayed in my surreally wonderful state of consciousness for too long, I will simply wilt and die.

The next thing I remember was I washing  my coffee cup and did the things I had to do for the rest of the day. I didn't think, I didn't question. I didn't let my consciousness take over me. I just let things be, as they are. This state is safer for now. I guess to be able to go on in life, sometimes consciousness must settle down completely.


Jodan Valle said...

sometimes feeling natin meron tayong narerealize. pero when we dig deeper... wala lang pala... parang before and after lang yan ng inuman...

rah oibas said...

Hahahaha oo nga. Akala natin ang ganda na ng idea natin. Not until you realize the day after that it's dumb.