31 October 2009

Conquering Bohol

There are two things in life that I cannot resist - eating and traveling. So, when my mom gave me tour tickets to Bohol and Cebu all expense paid, how can i resist?

Let me tell you something -- I fell in love with Bohol. It is an island like no other. The food is so gastronomically awe-inspiring. The sands of the beach so powdery white. The water is as clear  as bottled water. The people are super friendly.

I had a chance to meet the tarsiers. Went to see the chocolate hills, too. Seeing the hills with my eyes sent chills to my spine.  It sure was very different from what I have seen in Hekasi books back in elementary. It is like seeing your idol celebrity for the first time.

I wanted to stay there for a month. I certainly would if only for the logistic side of it.

If you want a great island vacation, consider  Bohol. People who have been there know what I mean . It is like seeing beauty from without, letting you see beauty from within.

24 October 2009

Good Excuse is Better than None.

Today, I will wear my lucky shirt and my lucky jacket. I will bring my lucky drawing pen. I will pray for good luck and hope for the best.

But if by chance my wish does not come true, I will think of a good excuse. Not long ago, I heard someone say, "A good excuse is definitely better than none." I believe him.

There is a reason for everything.

15 October 2009

On Ordinary Diligence of a Good Father

The diligence required by law to every person may be either: Ordinary Diligence or Extra Ordinary diligence, depending on the nature of the obligation

Extra Ordinary Diligence means, "the diligence of a very cautious person as far as utmost human care and foresight can provide with a due regard for all the circumstances."

On the other hand, Ordinary Diligence simply means, "diligence of a good father of a family."

The term "diligence of a good father of a family" reminds us that in rendering our obligations to other persons, we should provide the care and caution that we would have otherwise done in the exercise of handling the affairs of our own family.

There are times when I wonder why such the "diligence of a good father'??? I mean, come to think of it  --

Why not, The diligence of "a good mother?" or;

Why not, The diligence of a "good girlfriend?";

Why not The diligence of a "good sister?";

Or why is it not The diligence of a "good woman?"

To think, oftentimes, it is the mothers who are more diligent than fathers. I mean, in a family setting for example, women are generally better in taking care the children, getting the groceries, preparing the meals, cleaning the house—women do these and more and all at the same time. Women are naturally born diligent multi-taskers and can run the household without breaking a sweat.

Mothers being women, tend to have gotten better grades in school. Women tend to learn faster and are keener on details. Women mature faster than men. Women tend to communicate their ideas better.

Mothers have better capacity to sympathize and are more sensitive to the emotional and physical concerns of the children. Mothers have better facilities in a parent-child relationship with regard to instruction and supervision a child. Mothers even have this special gift of "intuition" which men in general do not have.

While I do not think that Ordinary Diligence means "the diligence of a good father" is wrong. It seems to me that "the diligence of a good mother" JUST makes more sense nowadays.

Maybe it is time for our law makers to review this part of the Civil Code.

If such said provision had been stated as  "diligence of a good mother of the family," ordinary obligations would have probably made better sense. Persons would have probably practiced sounder judgments. Courts would have probably lesser cases to handle regarding specific performance of obligations.

If  "mother's diligence" had been the law, a person only has to remember how his mother rendered diligence, care, and sacrifice to provide for the family, and he would have known exactly what the law was all about.

06 October 2009

Acoustic Enchantment

Joyce, Me, Bey and Bogs kick some ass at Bela Bar Greenhills.

05 October 2009

Talent Fee

So recently a production entity staged a one night concert involving three bands. The arrangement is such that every customer will be charged a ticket. The proceeds of the ticket sales shall be distributed pro rata to each of the members of the bands that performed as his/her "talent fee."

After the show,  every band member, received his/her share of the talent fee - EXCEPT me.

I did not receive anything. Not even a drink. Not even a small meal to feed my hungry guitarist stomach -  and I will tell you why --  I waived my talent fee.

I do not play for money. I enjoy sharing whatever little talent that I have with people I love and care about. Such a little talent is my gift to humanity. The so called "talent fee" or any monetary compensation for my art is the very last thing in my mind.

However, for being part of the project, I had a very small tiny request to the organizers - my guests (guitar technician, P.A., girlfriend, and a very small number of friends) will not be charged a cent to be admitted, which is of course was granted.

The problem is this -  after the show I am told that I had a talent fee all along. That it was applied to credit my guest list, "as if"  to purchase an admission. I was further told that "if my guests have bought their own tickets, the price would have exceeded my talent fee." It is therefore correct and justifiable to conclude that I should not receive any talent fee at all.

This is downright  insulting.

Let me just clear a few things out before I move on for good.

First, I am not playing for money, my art is free. However it insults me to hear that the reason I do not have a talent fee was not because I WAIVED it, but instead, such talent fee was applied and credited to pay for my guests' entrance.

And I don't have to be told that "that If they had paid for their own tickets, it would have exceeded the talent fee I should receive." I told you, I do not care about the money.

The thing is, if I had known my guests will be charged anyway (thanks to my T.F.) I would not have accepted the gig. I have so much things to occupy my time with.

Or, if I had played nevertheless, I would have purchased them their own tickets out of my own pocket. At least they get real  tickets (instead merely being put in a guest list), they would have gotten their free beer, drink, or whatever other benefit.

This is not an issue of money. This is my issue of not liking how my compensation for the gig is construed as if I was the one who owes the production entity some big favor for bringing in a few people to watch our band play. Mind you, my guests are the very reason I agreed to be part of the project in the first place.

03 October 2009

Five reasons not to play farmville.

Five reasons not to play farmville.

1. Farmville is based on real world money which i think is just stupid. Yes you can get coins but farm cash is extremely hard to get and you have to spend real world money to get lots of it. You need farm cash often for things like tractors etc.

2. The idea of having animals and trees is just stupid. Animals give you barely any coins and take a long time to re-spawn. And what the heck? Collect down feathers from ducks, angelic hair from rabbits and truffles from pigs???

3. The buildings and decorations are completely pointless. They have no use other then experience. If I were Farmville i would make the cottages earn you 15% more experience for farming or windmills to increase your guys speed etc. But they just stand there and do nothing
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4. It has no plot-line, the only point is to level and the only achievements you can get is better seeds and it is not even fun to plant or collect your crops, it’s just time consuming and boring

5. It gets pointless. Yes, at first you get sucked in, wanting to get all the ribbons, all the trees and the animals and wanting to plant different crops, get buildings and beat your Friends. But finally when you do get all of this, which is in about a month if you try, the game stops having any point. You start thinking, great il have 10 million coins, and what will i do with those, buy 100 cottages and then what? There are no inter games in Farmville and nothing to do except for level and soon that becomes boring.

So Don’t Waste a month of your life sitting for hours waiting for your crops to grow just because your freinds are doing it. Quit it and insated write on Triond.com to get enough money to buy a good game like COD4!