03 October 2009

Five reasons not to play farmville.

Five reasons not to play farmville.

1. Farmville is based on real world money which i think is just stupid. Yes you can get coins but farm cash is extremely hard to get and you have to spend real world money to get lots of it. You need farm cash often for things like tractors etc.

2. The idea of having animals and trees is just stupid. Animals give you barely any coins and take a long time to re-spawn. And what the heck? Collect down feathers from ducks, angelic hair from rabbits and truffles from pigs???

3. The buildings and decorations are completely pointless. They have no use other then experience. If I were Farmville i would make the cottages earn you 15% more experience for farming or windmills to increase your guys speed etc. But they just stand there and do nothing
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4. It has no plot-line, the only point is to level and the only achievements you can get is better seeds and it is not even fun to plant or collect your crops, it’s just time consuming and boring

5. It gets pointless. Yes, at first you get sucked in, wanting to get all the ribbons, all the trees and the animals and wanting to plant different crops, get buildings and beat your Friends. But finally when you do get all of this, which is in about a month if you try, the game stops having any point. You start thinking, great il have 10 million coins, and what will i do with those, buy 100 cottages and then what? There are no inter games in Farmville and nothing to do except for level and soon that becomes boring.

So Don’t Waste a month of your life sitting for hours waiting for your crops to grow just because your freinds are doing it. Quit it and insated write on Triond.com to get enough money to buy a good game like COD4!



Krisi Buendia said...


jeffrey castro said...

farmville is so gay.

Moe Marcelo said...

"Good" is an understatement. Modern Warfare 2 in 41 days!

Andie Caballes said...

dude, gay-ish ba? hahahaha =p

Klarriness Tanalgo said...

Move to Farm Town. Haha. Therapy for most of the people I know. Apparently, it helps them relax. I "farm" for my mother when I'm with her as I do not have a Facebook account. =)

irish albiola said...

sus. parang di ka naman naadik jan kuya ra. haha buti nlng ako ndi tlga.. ;p

rah oibas said...

update: Since Farmville DID NOT make me a better person, and since it gets more and more senseless and stupid as I went on. I started to plant REAL "tanim" in our garage last week. I started my little compose bin. I planted kamote i saw in our kusina. I bought kangkong in kanto and planted the same. They can already be harvested now. The problem is I don't think I can eat my plants, I somehow feel guilty. So maybe I'll just leave them as they are - happy in their own plots.

Klarriness Tanalgo said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA Dude panalo! I loooooove it. Funny yung di mo makain kasi guilty ka? Attached?

rah oibas said...

OO, promise. Try mo. Tanim ka ng kamote, anyway madali lang naman tumubo yon. I bet you my 10php, hindi mo yon makakain :D