21 November 2009

A Backpack Filled With Hope

Rah can not wait. Rah wants to know how high he can go. He wants to know his limits.

Rah will bring a backpack filled with hope that he will reach the peak of Mt. Pulag.

On the fifth of December, Rah and Ayhve together with a team will climb the highest mountain in Luzon.

Rah will bring his camping gear - tent, sleeping bag, trekking shoes, and a camp-stove.

Rah will celebrate his birthday there. He will bring  cake and wine to be shared with the expedition.

Up there, Rah will offer a silent prayer the gods who have been there since the beginning of time.


avril gamboa said...

me too..can't wait na! Happy birthday baby!

Maria Cleto said...

yey! go mt. pulag! :-)