02 November 2009

My Island Vacation

When someone gives you free tickets to go to Bohol and Cebu all expenses paid, grab it.

That is what I did when my mum handed me Cebu Pacific plane tickets last week. Her motive is still a mystery to me, but I have to say I really enjoyed the whole trip.

Panglao Island is my destination. It is thirty minutes from the city of Tagbilaran and known for its fine beaches, great food, and world class dive sites.

I stayed at the famous Dumaluan Beach Resort. Considering I stayed at the island for four days, it is really a pocket friendly place.

Do not expect it to be a grand hotel, though. It does not offer 2 or 3 star accommodation, but for a 1,300 Php a night, the room is very clean, spacious, and comfortable. The room is air conditioned, minus the ref and TV, but considering its location and beach site, it deserves a salute.

Notice that the sand is so white. Is not really sand. They say it forms out of eroded corals. It is almost like powder.

The beach is shallow. From the water's edge, you can walk a couple of meters and still the the water is no deeper that your waist. But look under water with a pair of goggles or snorkeling set and you will see a community marine fish, live corals and a variety of starfish. I have never seen a beach as impressive.

I like the way the sun shines in that beach, it is not that hot. The rays of the sun are friendly.

I felt so relaxed just lying down in my chair with an IPod.


daniel john said...

wow, free vacation!

olay dyosa said...

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rah oibas said...

parang facebook lang :D thanks

rah oibas said...

wala na ata pera yung nanay ko :) hehehe

* bea * said...

wow!!! kaiinggit naman!!!

Layla Medina said...

Panglao is heaven defined. Would love to go back there soon!