11 January 2010

The Trajectory of a Mosquito

I am being bitten by a mosquito now.

As I watch this little insect suck blood from my left forearm, I can feel her excitement. Her legs a little bit shaky, I can feel her nervousness that she might get caught.

I watch her little proboscis pierce my left forearm to suck my AB type blood.

It is about 1 minute now, and I can see that her belly is filled fully.

I raise my right hand in a aggressive but calm striking position. I slap the mosquito with the speed of a flying fist. It dies at the palm of my hand. Now she's lying there lifeless, inanimate.

You'll never know when you are going to die. You'll never know when you will be lying lifeless, inanimate.

"That's the reality of life," I told my self as I scratch my hand to relieve  the itch. I just realized that I killed something.

I guess, while we are still breathing we might as well live the excitement, fill our belly with nourishment, do our best, and most of all, accept our fate.


avril gamboa said...

poor mosquito...so true..so we must live like its our last day everyday...

howie raymundo said...

live life to the fullest =)