25 February 2010

Like Father Like son

The Labor teacher called the panda to recite on a labor case a while ago.

But before the panda can recite the facts of the case, the Labor teacher took a good look at the panda, "You look like your father. Your father is really  brilliant and  great. So, you want to follow the footsteps of your father eh?"

The panda gave the teacher that "I-get-that-all-the-time smile."

After that class, the panda went home.

Upon arriving home, he saw his father. He asked his father how the Labor teacher came to know that they were related.

The panda's father's gave an irrelevant answer to the question. The panda's father said, "I told your teacher to call you often in recitations..."

He knows this is very common of his father - not listening properly.

The panda gave up on the question, and instead took a shower.

In the shower, it occurred to him that pandas do not look too much different from one another.

The fact is, he and his father are the only pandas in school.

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