28 February 2010

The Panda Watches Miss You Like Crazy

If a movie brings tears to the panda's eyes - it must be good.

Yesterday, the panda and his sweetheart went to watch the newest John Lloyd/Bea Alonzo Movie - Miss You Like Crazy.

Good thing, the couple was early. The theater was practically as packed as a jam.

John Lloyd plays the character of Alan Alvarez, a young urban professional who, despite coming from a middle class family, is a mainstay in the high society scene, courtesy of his girlfriend played by Maricar Reyes, who was sporting a different hairdo. Bea, on the other hand, plays the character of Mia Samonte, a typical young breadwinner who decided to work abroad to support her family. Bea’s unusual habit of writing on stones to express her feelings plays an instrumental part in making Alan and Mia’s paths meet.

Be reminded that the story is not linear. The movie  will take you to flashbacks without notice, so be extra attentive. Nonetheless, the story is solid enough to stand on its own.

Watch the movie with a pen and paper.  The movie has a lot of good quotable quotes about love and relationship, too. "Time is meaningless when you are in love..." - that's one! Watch the movie with someone you can kiss!

It is seldom that the panda watches a movie in theater. Most of the times, he falls sleepy to Hollywood films drowned in special effects (to the expense of the romantic date). With this movie, you get a bang for your buck. It is not your typical kilig film. It offers something unique.

A hankie might be handy, too. The panda forgot to bring one.

End note:
Congratulations to the Props Master/Production Designer of the movie. I am very very very very proud of you. You surely pulled this one off  bro! Ang galing, outstanding, bravo, keep it up.


Chemae said...

We watched Miss You Like Crazy din yesterday, ang ganda noh? It was painful and relieving at the same time. Hindi rin siya yung typical na baduy and corny pinoy love story. Hehe. :) -Chemae

DK said...

mas maganda siya sa One More Chance? i can't believe it! OMEGED

Angel said...


Rah said...

@dk and chemae and angel: I think I cannot really compare One More Chance to Miss You like Crazy . OMC is also very good, but MYLC and OMC are totally different. Parang Apple and Orange, parang pareho lang fruit, pareho masarap, and yet very different.

Actually, to my mind, Miss You Like Crazy is a risk. One small wrong move sa script and the story falls apart. The director and story writers pulled this one off. Maganda ang kinalabasan.

Watch it! My brother is one of the production designers, actually he is the props master :D Tip: nasa kanya yung bato na ginamit sa film. bwahaha.

go go go!

choknat said...

"Watch the movie with someone you can kiss!"

i wanna watch it, but with my friends. hehe
naexcite ako lalo mapanood.

darklady said...

sabi nga ng klasmyet ko maganda daw yun at talagang kakaiba yung story, the best din daw talaga gumanap yung dalawang bida..

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