13 March 2010

Cube of Fate

One day, a wise old master bought a Rubik's cube from a sidewalk vendor.

He tried solving the cube. He made some rotations, left and right, up and down. He spent a lot of time solving the puzzle,  but failed.

Frustrated, the master gave the cube to the panda who was curiously  watching the master solve the puzzle.

"Here you go panda, take it." - the master told the panda. The panda accepted the cube and thanked the old man.

"Remember kid, there are things in life that we can solve and there are those that we cannot." "If you cannot solve a problem no matter hard you have tried - it's okay, just learn to let go..." - the master told the panda as he left the panda and the cube.

The panda tried to solve the cube by trying some of his own rotations, but failed as well.

The frustrated panda then brought out his laptop and Googled the key words -  "how.... to... solve.... a Rubik's cube puzzle?"

The search revealed the word that solves all Rubik's cube problems: