10 March 2010

THE Fraternity

THE Fraternity is not just a brotherhood of men. It is:

"THE" Fraternity.

Its motto: "Inclusio unius est exclusio alterius"

It is the coolest, the most elite, the most exclusive brotherhood in Shaolin Temple-like school. Everybody wants to be a member. The membership, however, is only by invitation.

Since the panda is relatively a well known figure in school, (because of the fact that he's the only panda that ever went to law school), everyone relatively wants a piece of him.

Left and right, everyday, he receives invitations from being a study buddy, to being a member of a friendship group, to organizations, to debate clubs, to student councils, to school papers, to fraternities, etc.

Of course, the most notable of the offers is the invitation of:

"THE" Fraternity.

What an honor to be invited by them. The panda, in spite of that, WILL NOT JOIN because of the following reasons:

First, Pandas are naturally solitary animals;

Second, Pandas are in grave danger of extinction. You do not want to subject the panda to hazing and risk his life, do you?;

Third, the panda is cute and adorable, not cool and ma-angas!;

Fourth, the panda hates unnecessary movements. (Secret handshakes, meetings, and all extraneous activities) All he wants to do is to read books, study, recite, take exams, and of course, to eat bamboo. Not to mention day dream of being a rockstar, ala Eli Buendia.

In short, supposing-and-assuming-for-the-sake-of-the-argument that the panda wants to be part of "THE" Fraternity - he can't; and even if he can - he won't.

It's not his fault. That's just the way nature made him - a panda.

End Note.
1) Solitary: Animals that don't hang out in groups.
Eagles.Mountain Lions.Rattle snakes. Bears.

2) "Expressio unius est exclusio alterius" means : the express mention of one or more things of a particular class may be regarded as impliedly excluding others." Is a general principle in the subject of interpreting laws.

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chryztyners said...

i loved the movie Batch '81. classic cult film.
and yeah, DO NOT JOIN any fraternities. they will kill you.waha.