26 March 2010


The Kuliglig is that motorized pedicab lurking in the City of Manila. Its usual passengers are female students and older people.

The business of operating Kuligligs has boomed. From only a small number of units a couple of years ago, they now dominate the streets of Manila.

It is not regulated by the (LTO) Land Transportation Office. It has no plate number, no way of identifying its driver or operator. It neither pays registration fees nor any  road taxes. 

The drivers of the Kuliglig are kanto boys alien to any traffic rules. They are accident magnets. They cut every street or highway as if they were the king of the road. In fact, in 2009, it is said there were more than 100 reported accidents involving Kuligligs.

It is funny to watch these drivers fighting among themselves to get pasaheros. They are ignoramus  to the fact that it would be to their own mutual benefit if they could just simply fall in line. A lot times, these drivers can also be very dishonest in charging passengers unfamiliar with the common rates.

The local government tolerates them, probably because it is election season. There are also reports that they are protected by Kotong Cops.

In short, and the fact is, these Kuligligs should not be there in the streets of Manila.  The drivers are reckless, ignorant, and have no sense of courtesy or discipline. The Kuliglig itself lacks standard safety  (like break and signal lights) features to help avoid accidents.

It is probably a good idea to do your self a favor and save your self from the risk of accidents. Do not patronize these motorised pedicabs. Riding the Kuliglig is plain stupid.


arning said...

kuliglig? is that some kind of a pedicab? i haven't seen any in manila.. but I heard about that kuliglig^^

Rah said...

Yeah, it's some kind of a motorized, unsafe pedicab that lurks the streets of manila.

arning said...

ah I see.^^ and it makes noise too , right?

Rah said...

you got that right pal, they are very annoying.

Anonymous said...