05 April 2010

On Business

You have labored long enough. You have saved enough. You finally have the capital to launch  that business. Everything is in place.

But you are NOT treating your business like a new born baby.

Want the best for it; shower it with love and affection. Be keen on what it needs -  like a parent would be to his child. Seek the advice of the experts, accountants, managers, advertisers, people who know the field - as if your child needs a doctor, a teacher, a yaya.

It is important to know if you are making profit or not.  Most of all, develop an effective, progressive, and a dynamic business system, or else, time and energy is just wasted.


darklady said...

oo nga..e ako ang hilig ko mag isip pero alam kong kahit na mahilig ako mag isip alam kong may kulang pa din..pera.hehehe. at bukod dun tama ka yung pagmamahal sa business

Random Student said...

i hope to reach that phase in the future -- having a dilemma about maintaining a business. i am yet to have one. that's how I intend to sustain myself and my family after being a corporate player. kung palarin eh sana even before i retire.

avril elaine said...

planning is very important...and details how you will reach ur goals...not just the goals itself. in business there's always a risk but there are many ways to minimize it..research,,hence, planning...let me know if i can help :D

Rah said...

@darklady Ang business kasi pag hindi mo minahal, hindi ka din niya mamahalin. Ang bagong business, parang batang sanggol dapat alagaan mabuti habang hindi pa niya kaya ang sarili niya.

@Random Student sa business talaga tayo kikita ng malaki, high risk pero high rewards din. Kaya ako pagkatapos ng pinagaaralan ko ngayon, business naman ang next. (kelan pa kaya yon?)

@avril Thank you so much :) Ang galing galing mo talaga ayve, someday, magtatayo tayo ng business empire, ang magkakaron tayo ng maraming maraming pera.