12 April 2010

The Panda Reviews the Movie Shutter Island

Shutter Island is a psychological drama that shows what goes on in a psychotic mind. Leonardo DiCaprio, a U.S. Marshall, investigates the disappearance of a patient in a certain island hospital for the criminally insane. His eventual discovery of the missing patient leads him to make a choice.

It is not the eyes that see, but the brain. That is why even in our sleep there are still visions in our dreams. In the same way, it is not our five senses that feel pain, but the brain. When the pain is too much to handle, the brain creates another universe to protect itself by numbing the physical or emotional pain it feels. This is the reason why people sometimes suffer loss of contact with reality.

The panda likes this movie. First, because it is psychologically interesting. Second, it has the elements of a good story (symbolism, back stories, twists, turns, etc.). Third, it is a complex film that goes beyond the conventional Hollywood  flick. For best results, watch the movie more than once. Quote that stuck -- "Which would be worse, to live as a monster or to die as a good man?" Worth watching? Yes.


Anonymous said...

cool. i was thinking of watching this instead of the overly-hyped Clash of the Titans. i saw an interview with Leo and they said it's also a tribute to Alfred Hitchcock-era psycho thrillers.

Rah said...

i haven't seen clash of the titans :) Watch it both nalang :) tas kwento mo sakin :)

mjomesa said...

you want psycho movies? I like the role of Jackson Rathbone in Criminal Minds. He became a she. I like his role there. Haven't seen Shutter yet. Hope one day.

pmm012 said...

seen clash of the titans, planning on watching shutter island, but not on big screen though.. sa dvd nlang siguro, mahirap yayain sa mga psycho movies gf ko.. sayang pera, magtatakip lang sya ng mata... btw way, medyo bitin ung clash of the titans, cool lang pag 3D..

Yen said...

Hi Panda, I have watched this film during the weekend and I hate it because it made me think a lot. My relaxation was turned to minding the movie and trying to get into the twist.Mind boggling :-)
Not recommended for people who just wish to spend the day light.(like me)

Rah said...

@mjomesa I would definitely check on that movie. Mukhang interesting eh :)

@pmmo12 yeah, download mo lang, hindi siya enjoy sa big screen. At least pwede mo irewind rewind. :)

@yen oo nga eh, muntik narin ako mabore sa gitna, sabi ko sa sarili ko they better redeem themselves sa dulo kundi, lagot si dicarpio sakin di na ako manonood ng movie niya. Pero, everything made sense eventually, and it turned out to be good for me. I admit, hindi to relax movie, para to sa mga taong mejo depressed at mababaliw na :D ahahah