15 May 2010

It Hurts Part 2

Later that day, the panda went to the Dentist and had to wait for his turn. After some minutes, at last, the Dentist was ready to see the panda.

The panda was guided to the dental chair. After explaining to the Dentist the problem, the panda showed her the old photo of Pekto (the name the panda coined for his impacted wisdom tooth). She took a good look at the said tooth.

She explained that the condition was not an easy case. The bone above Pekto is unusually thick. She also said  that the panda's second healthy molar (which the panda named Ramon) will be at risk of being extracted too, depending on how the procedure unfolds. Then, the Dentist prescribed an antibiotic, a pain reliever, and an anti-coagulant drug that have to be taken 1 hour before the procedure.

"Your surgery will be scheduled tomorrow, you have to be well rested, okay?" - She said.  The panda and the Dentist said their goodbyes and well wishes, and the clinic session for that day was over. 

The picture of Pekto's and Ramon's death created a paradoxical sensation. The panda was happy that he will be relieved of his discomfort, but on the other hand, he was also sad because he has to lose Pekto and risk losing Ramon.

When the panda asked Pekto and Ramon how they felt after  receiving officially their death sentences, they told the panda, "Ok lang po boss, walang problema - ready na kami. Our lives were spent serving you with honor and dignity. Okey na kami -- kung baga sa jeepney driver, naka boundery na..."

The panda flashed an optimistic smile and went to treat  the said two molars to their favorite restaurant.


glentot said...

They'll be happy in the afterlife in a box in your closet.

Rose said...

I know it hurts..coz my mom is a dentist too..I'm studying dentistry too..u can do it!!!

darklady said...

awts!!!! goodluck panda!!! ^_^

marge said...

RIP to pekto and ramon...you have served your master well!=)