16 May 2010

It Hurts Part 4

It is sad that Ramon (second healthy molar) had to die, too. It was found out during the procedure that Pekto (third impacted molar) is unusually larger than the average impacted wisdom tooth.

You see, according to the dentist,  the biggest and the strongest molar would normally be our first molar - next would be the second molar. The third molar, normally would be the smallest. However, in the panda's case, the third impacted molar was abnormally the biggest of all his molars. That is the reason why the procedure of extracting only Pekto did not push through as originally planned.

Ramon had to go, really. He was the gambit. He was the sacrificial lamb.

The paradoxical wisdom of salvation is that someone must die so that someone can live. For there can be no forgiveness that can exist unless someone capable of forgiving pays the penalty by shedding his blood. It is sad, but that is life. Life and death co-exists in irony.

Menu for tonight? Very soft lugaw with a dash of salt. No chewing, swallow only. The panda slept the whole day, and will probably sleep the whole day again tomorrow. The healing process begins.


roanne said...


i feel sorry for ramon...

tsina said...

oh no! rest in peace pekto and ramon. my ramon version is in need of root canal too. i just learned today. if only i could extract it too. easier than the tedious root canal but im scared of having extra space that could move my teeth apart from each other. mag one seat apart ba.

hope you are okay now. ice cream na lang tayo tom mr. panda!

Rah said...

@ Thanks for feeling sorry roanne, the panda needs that.

@ tsina, had root canal therapy last year too, cuz. Take it. That's a good opportunity to save your molar. But it is a tedious process, you have to go to the dentist for weeks.

I think you will have an easier time that i did cuz :D God bless, you can do it. :D

We'll have ice cream tomorrow :D

sweet pea said...

aaw hon, hug kita, its ok..it was all for the best para d ka na in pain.:D mwah

Anonymous said...

i know it took you a lot of courage! congratulations! as for pekto and ramon, well your teeth population is very happy that they have gone to a better place so to speak.

glentot said...

Losing teeth reminds me of Prison Break. I remember passing the time watching it on DVD and not being able to concentrate because of my damn molar (or the space it left).

pmm012 said...

di ako makarelate.. sabi nila masakit magpabunot.. pero eversince bata ako.. di pa ko nabubunutan ng ngipin.. siguro nga masakit, pero i'll never really know hanggat di pa nangyayari sa kin. sobra sobra siguro ako sa calcium.. at buti nlang ung wisdom tooth ko, hindi nman ginagambala ang iba nyang kapitbahay..

kcatwoman said...

omgosh, youre wisdom tooth was really lying down. (pekto?) get well soon poor panda.


Rah said...

@ sweetpea, thanks hon, i miss your hug na.

@ anonymous, thanks, that is a very creative way of putting it :)

@ glentot, i can relate. In fact it's wrong to say "my t00th hurts" anymore... because it's gone

@ at pmm012, if you think masakit magpabunot, try mo root canal, or extraction ng wisdom tooth. :D Ur lucky.

@ kcatwoman - thanks soo much :)

Sasarai said...

Mr. Panda, are you already healed?

Rah said...

I am almost healed sasari, thanks be to mother nature and father time.