01 May 2010

On Labor Day

Today is labor day. Today we remember the workers and employees, their rights, and their importance to our economy and society. Labor may mean physical toil, work done for wages, or a social class comprising of those who do work for wages. Workers and employees are part of the labor sector and are protected by labor laws.

Labor laws aim to promote full employment, to ensure equal work opportunities, to regulate the relationship of workers and employers. It also aims to protect the rights of workers to self organization, collective bargaining, security of tenure, and just conditions of work.

Labor laws are based on the State's inherent power to regulate rights and liberty for the common good, and to promote people's welfare by adopting  measures to insure economic stability through the maintenance of social and economic equilibrium.

If you think you are a victim of unfair labor practices or has been unjustly terminated - "don't be takot, let's make baka!" Fight for your right.  Labor laws are here to protect our rights. After all, where there is a violated right, the law provides a remedy.

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Random Student said...

tsk-tsk you just reminded me na a staff member of mine is being laid off.