07 May 2010

On Smoking

Today, the panda celebrates the day he decided to quit smoking.  He has not smoked ever since, not a puff. He will never smoke again.

The panda learned to smoke at a young age by modeling his mom.  His first puff of cigarette was a cheap unknown brand of cigarette bought from a sari-sari store. No, actually, his first puff was from a lighted random rolled piece of paper.

He did not care. Inhaling and exhaling that white relaxing smoke was the epitome of coolness that he shares with friends who were on the same boat. Smoking was like a gift from the gods that only few were invited to experience. Smoking was a tunnel to connect with the inner self.

It was not about the addictive nicotine, really.  It was more of the "social cues." Waking up in the morning was a cue to smoke. Being full after a meal was a cue to smoke. Sleepiness was cue to smoke. Drinking in a party was a cue to smoke. Taking a dump was a cue to smoke. Stress was a cue to smoke. It was the cue that was hard to beat. It was an automatic and involuntary command from the brain to light up and the panda was so helpless to do anything about it.

Until one day, the panda realized something that made him quit. This single realization was the key in solving his smoking addiction  mystery. The realization was this:

"It does not get better."

He understood that to be able to conquer this bad habit, he must have the strength to control his actions. He must train and discipline himself . He stuck with the goal of quitting until his will power grew stronger and stronger. He fought the battle by the second , by the minute, by the hour, by the day, by the week, and by the month. He fought the battle one party  at a time, one stressful moment at a time. He fought the battle inspired by the support of his girlfriend who stood by him specially at the most difficult times of the process.

It has been almost four months now  since that day the panda decided to quit. It took him this long to finally write about this accomplishment just to be sure that the habit would not regress. Finally, he can say for sure that he is free from  the shackles of that bad habit! No more cravings. His will power to resist smoking is stronger than ever.  He does not have to deal with smoking anymore for the rest of his life. The time and energy spent  for smoking in the past can now be used for things that really matter in life.


glentot said...

I don't smoke (anymore). One time I was was waiting for a friend outside our office building and as expected, everyone loitering there had a cig in hand. I felt so out of place so I bought one just to fit in. I think most non-smokers-turned-smokers have had this experience, the need to fit in, which is sad, because ideally, NOT smoking should be the norm.

Congrats and good luck to you.

sweet pea said...

im so proud of u hon.....its a bad habit to live with....and u know i wouldn't kiss u if u smelled like a cigarette :D

anyway, its a good thing...for u and for the people around u that's why im so proud of u :)

mjomesa said...

no smoking for me.

seduce me..still i won't smoke.

Angelicake said...

Proud of you!

Anonymous said...


john said...

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