12 May 2010

Panda's Musical Half

            There are a lot of musicians out there, but there are only few who are blessed to have band-mates that have stood the test of time. There are even fewer who have met their musical halves. She and panda have been loyal band mates since they were first year college. Although as the years go by,  the jamming sessions get more rare and infrequent, no one can take away the fact that they are more than just friends - they are bothers and sisters in music. Their bond is tattooed in their minds and is better than bliss. :)


darklady said...

ayos!! sarap sa tenga nung music at ang ganda ng boses nya. kaso mahiyain kayo sa cam. ^_^

♥U-n-N-I-e-Y♥ said...

galing galing~~weeiii ang cool ng girl,,,subscribe nga ako sa channel ng singer nyo sa youtube^^

pmm012 said...

nice.. you should jam more often.. been in a band in college, just on a whim, 4 sessions and a battle of the bands presentation that went wrong.. hahah. trip trip lang..

Random Student said...

if there is anything that people is getting from having access to videos online it's the chance to finally be exposed to sessions on demand. it's not the same quality as a truly live version but to have rations when you want or need them is healthier than to wait for other select musicians to perform them on TV shows and be limited to appreciating what they can offer.

FerBert said...

Oh my God! please tell your friend I lover her na. loljk

pero seryoso ang ganda ng boses nya :D

joyceadan said...

Aww. thanks, musical half. :) I'm super touched. Miss you miss you! looking forward to our next jam/inom. :) salamat din sa mga comments na nakakataba ng puso.

beck david said...

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