05 May 2010

WordCount Blogathon 2010 participants

The panda joins WordCount Blogathon 2010 by Michelle V. Rafter The Blogathon is an annual event that unites freelance writers from all over in a common commitment to learn more about blogging by posting to their own blogs every day during the month of May. Feel free to check other participants out, too.

WordCount Blogathon 2010 participants

Here is a complete list of the approximately 110 writers and bloggers participating in the 2010 WordCount Blogathon:



darklady said...

dami ah!! dududo ilong ko nito.^_^
goodluck kuya rah!!!!

Sasarai said...

Wow! Kuya Rah as in Mr.Panda,sisikat na ba???

fjordz said...

looks like this is a cool activity! you get to know more bloggers from all over the world!


khantotantra said...

yey! andaming blog na mababasa dis week!

chryztyners said...

hindi ka naman naadik sa blogging nyan? hehe. aba at may billboard ka pa sa boni.kaw ba yun? ☺