25 May 2010


There is a lot to be thankful for, our family, our friends, our health, the list goes on. But sometimes we take all of those for granted and instead choose to become fools. There is  beauty in humanity and life, yet most lost souls opt to focus on the trivialities.


sirit?  ;)


(got it? money saved - money earned, got the connection?)

That is one of the panda's all time favorite joke. But last night, there is no reason to laugh when at 3:00am, the panda received a message from his friend that two of their other friends met a tragic accident.

They immediately rushed to the accident scene as fast as the could, and this was what they found:

It was indeed a hell of a car wreck.

Thank god the said two friends survived. It was a miracle. They suffered a lot of bruises and pulled muscles but they are OK. They could have been seriously hurt. They could have died.

Since that night  there are only two things that kept running inside the panda's head like a broken record, like a digital loop that would not end.

First, God is good. 

Second, Jesus saves.

The panda's favorite joke, (on why Jesus has a lot of money) was not funny anymore. 

Miracles do come true. It happens every minute we affirm and count our blessings. In fact, we do not to wait for an accident or a tragedy  before it can be realized. Gratitude, the very moment it is bestowed, gives hope.

Get well soon mga tol. If there is anything the panda can do to help, he is here.

"Pare, baba baka sumabog...!"

Regular cars did not explode on a crash. Experiment with gas tank in front of the car was not successful. Frank Doyle and explosives were needed. - MythBusters Car crash episode (Discovery Channel)

Now, that's funny.


darklady said...

kapag nakaka balita ako ng kaibigan kong naaksidente or kahit na sinong malapit sa akin kumakabog dibdib ko.

Buti naman at ok na sila, ingat ingat na lang sa pag ddrive.

Sasarai said...

Yesterday, I just had experienced an accident too, but this time, it was a food poisoning... and still, God saved me too! ^^

Rah said...

@ dark oo nga eh, buti nalang hindi sila namatay.

@ sasarai, maraming sakit ang pwede makuha sa hindi malinis na pagkain, kaya ingat talaga dapat.

The Reviewer said...

did you somehow imagine if you were in their shoes? why do we sometimes relate that way sa iba no? do animals think that way kaya? pasensya na, curiosity day ko today.

tsina said...

Jesus really saves, Panda! Thank God for their second shot at life.

Learned something new with your mythbuster ;)

Rah said...

@ tsy, cuz oo nga, kaya ko yon napost kasi, the time na bumangga sila, gumalaw sila. Sabi ko, SOP sa mga car crash na wag kang gagalaw, kasi baka may spinal or neck injury na baka lumala pa... Ang real life hindi katulad ng mga pelikula ni robin padilla at lito lapid. hehe

Anonymous said...

thanks man for responding immediately, yun nga lang, naligaw pa tayo sa Sikatuna! dapat sana tayo yung first on the scene. anyway, di ko masabi kila jeff and janjan to just shake their heads and walk away. jeff is in a neck brace, janjan's leg is in cast. but all is good! hail to LIFE! (magpapainom daw si jeff, at ihahatid ko siya using the other hatchback, sama ka?)

Anonymous said...

jef: tol ok ka lang?
janjan: masakit pare.
jef: tara na baba! dali!
janjan: mahirap gumalaw tol
jef: (hinihila palabas si janjan) baba na baka sumabog!!!

Rah said...

bwahhaah classic talaga tol :D

jeff said...

ok. so this is what's going on with the panda's life.. hahaha!! sige mga tol, mag naka-luwag ng konti meatshop tayo!