04 August 2010

In Re: Mama's Birthday

July 20, 2010

Dear Mama,

Happy Birthday!
Thank you for bringing me to this world. Without you - I am nothing. Your parents must have been so proud when you were born! I share your happiness on this special day.

I do appreciate everything that you do for the family ma. What really makes you special is the fact that you are not only our mother mother, you are also our friend.

This world is a dangerous place ma - a  lot of things may go wrong, but thank the heavens for your tender love bestows a unique atmosphere  of peace, understanding, and console.

I am glad you liked the Banoffee Cake that we got for you. :)


Your son,

Always and forever,


PS: Look ma, I found a picture of you!
Here's a picture of you on your  wedding day 27 years ago. You were just 22 then.
I love you ma, hope you get to  read this someday.


BatangGala said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PO KAY MAMA ninyo. more blessings and birthdays to come. God Bless! :)

J said...

Happy Birhtday, mama Panda!

khantotantra said...

happy birthday sa mama mo panda. :D
astig ng nahalukay mong pic :D

roanne said...

Hapi bday to ut mom, good health and a fulfilled life to her :)

gillboard said...

i'm sure your mom's proud of you. :)

Unni-gl4ze^_^ said...

happy birthday to your MOM..
Good health and many apos to come hehe...

The Philippine Guild said...

sulit ang treasure hunt hehe

NoBenta said...

happy birthday to your beautiful mom!

karen anne said...

your mom is so pretty. happy birthday to her!

glentot said...

Wow ang cute ng wedding pic... Happy Birthday sa mommy mo!

Roni Flores said...

awww! :) (belated) happy birthday to your Mom :) great photo you got there :)

sterndal said...

sweet post :)

i like old photos

nice wedding dress, too

classic and vintage and so pretty

Layla said...

pretty mom! :) I'm sure she's proud of you! :)