31 October 2010


When I woke up this morning and saw kitchen appliances, plate stacks and other food servers crowding our house, I felt sad. I instantly knew what it meant: My dad's Tapsi Diner has folded.

The business was not that bad, really. It was managed by my ever so industrious sister. The place was conveniently  located on a busy road near a school.  The food was made out of secret ingredients and spices making diners come back for more. The service was fast and friendly. It was my dad's latest business endeavor, but before it can even hit its first year, it had to fold because of swelling cost of running it.

I felt sad for my dad and my sister who really pulled a lot of resources and effort to keep it alive. One problem was the location. Because it was in Antipolo, far from where we live, it was hard to keep an eye on. But most of all, I think there's a lot of improvement needed on the  logistics and accounting side of the business.

 This was the diner's set up, Silog diner inside and outside there was a cart that serves dim sum and burgers.
(pardon the faulty date)
Panda and Sweet Pea just enjoying the food.

The diner serves home cooked style tasty meals.

The best seller of all, the famous longsilog.

Every business has a life span, but while the diner did not last very long,  we sure learned a lot about the in and outs of the food business.


Layla said...

Uy. Sad about the folding up, but for every cloud there's a silver lining.

mots said...

sayang naman :( buti ang lugawan ng mudra ko bukas pa.

tama yung nasa taas ko. baka may mas magandang mangyari after this :)

Rah said...

thanks mots :)kakain ako minsan sa lugawan ng mudra mo, kukuha ako ng ideas. hehehe

mots said...


at sige lin kita :)

poorprince said...

well who knows blessing in disguise lng to
cheer up
everything happens for a reason

visit lng sa filipino blogger

happy halloween
have a great day

poorprince said...

gustong gusto ko ng panda

sterndal said...

mmm ... ano target market?

i agree with poorprince

blessing in disguise yan :)

mukang masarap na naman

siguro, pili kayo strategic location

phaquer said...

aw, sayang naman to rah.
heniwei gateway, may tanong ako. law student ka ba? :D

Rah said...

@sterndal, yah, at least we are learning about food business, it's our first attempt really.The target market is students. Siguro nga irelaunch nalang namin. ty.

@phaquer, I just happen to be studying law. :p

p0kw4ng said...

hmp ginutom ako nong nakita ko yung longsilog..peborit ko yan pwera yung bawang on top ng fried rice!

so sad pag ganyan!

khantotantra said...

sayang naman at kailangang magsara ng negosyo ng dad mo. Baka hindi pa time para sa food industry dun sa place na inistablishan. But dont worry, malay mo next time na mag try sa business ulit, papatok na at magiging kilala at dinadayo pa. :D

btw, 2011 ung year sa camera. :D wala lang.

Rah said...

sige, pagsomeday nagkapera ako at irerelaunch ko ang food business na 'to, iinvite akog mga bloggers. Hopefully hindi na sa Antipolo. hehe

HalfCrazy said...

Hey there!

The place looks good to me. If I was a student dyan sa malapit na eskwelahan, I would eat there. If you say there's no problem with the food, then aaraw-arawin ko na ang pagpunta ko dyan!

The food looks good. I hope you guys can make it stand again.

I'm a small business owner myself. Haha actually, Loading lang. Meron talagang mga times na mamumulubi ka cos of some problem. Tulad nang hindi nagbabayad yung iba, wala kang pang pondo, etc.

See you around.