29 November 2010

Lucky Birthday

siopao debut
For many many years now, I usually feel melancholy blues during my birthday season, but this year it did not happen. Yes!

On the eve of my birthday, Sweet pea and I made Siopao. We bought the ingredients and followed the recipe. I admire Sweetpea's skill in following measurements to the letter.  It's a skill I don't have. I usually just estimate the ingredients and ruin the meal. But for my part, I helped knead the dough , wrap the asado in the siopao bun, and steam the siopao.

While waiting for the siopao to cook, we scratched the instant lotto scratch cards we bought that night using our lucky coin. We won 100 Pesos! I'm quite lucky this year. I'm saying that, not just because I always win in instant scratch cards, but this year, a lot of fortunate events really happened to me.

At 12 am,  November 25,  I opened my gift from Sweetpea :) She gave me a really cool camera bag, a very pretty one I should say :) Now if I can just put an actual camera in my new cam bag. :) I haven't bought the camera yet. It seems all the stores have run out of stock.

Thank you Sweetpea for making my day very special :*

Jeez, I'm old. Yes! :)


27 November 2010

Birthday Balloon

Last Thursday was my birthday. I'm old. I'm not cute anymore. Sad.

I wasn't expecting any gift from my parents last Thursday, but what my mom brought home was really sweet. No, it's not anything expensive, it was a balloon in a shape of a fish, knowing that I like fish :)

She thought she bought a fish shaped balloon, but when she got home, she realized that it's more of a shape of  helicopter. It really made my day. She's so funny.

24 November 2010


Yey! Birthday ko na! :) punta kayo sa bahay namin sa sunday 8:00pm magpapakain ako at magpapainom :) Serious to.

23 November 2010


I want a nikon camera
Two (2) days to go before my birthday! :) You are invited to our house for an eat all you can treat.

I opened my piggybank last night to check my savings and wow, isn't that a lot of cash. I can survive a year with this stash. I was thinking, "is it right to spend all of this money on a new camera?" I am starting to think twice. Parting with money like this will hurt.

Six (6) months ago, I just wanted a cheap point and shoot,  but now with the flourishing of the imagination,  so much choices, overlapping features, and price increments of just  a couple of hundreds to step up to the next higher model,  it has come to a point of confusion. I know I should not buy anything I cannot afford, but I should not haste on an important decisions either. I am not planning to upgrade my camera for the next 10 years. That's why I am not taking this lightly.

It is hard when you have to base an important decision on  reason and intuition. I need a clear mind.  "Just do it" should be checked by "When in doubt - don't," or maybe I should just wait a bit.

19 November 2010

The Death of NU 107

N.U. 107.5 is dead. Fewer listeners equals fewer advertisers equals fewer income. That's why if you turn your radio dial to 107.5 what you will hear is a corny jokester station playing baduy-style music.

Fortunes change, that is true with radio stations. It wasn't NU's time to die yet, but  it lost its appeal because it failed to reinvent itself. NU forgot the rock scene is evolving - it is just  not about the heavy metal sounds and emo-people anymore. NU thought their formula had been done that way for many years therefore it must be good and should stay the same. Wrong.

Maybe it was also NU's neglect of the local music scene. There are so many upcoming Filipino artists, yet NU gave them very little airtime and recognition. No new talent spawned. That's why you will notice that in NU rock awards the same bands win every year. To maintain its "sosyal" image,  NU chose to give more airtime to foreign bands that were simply  too bland for the taste of  pinoys.

Shame on its management for converting NU to a cheapster baduy radio in the tradition of "kailangan pa bang imemorize yan." But then again, we can't blame them. As investors, they care about profit more than art. Maybe it is time to realize that "the home of new rock" is just old  and has lost its being "rock." NU is dead, what can we do? Nothing. That's life, sometimes we die.

18 November 2010

My First Attempt on Photoshop

Only seven (7) days to go before my birthday. Since I am planning to buy my  first camera, I figured out I need to learn a new skill. Yes - Photoshop!

Here it is, my first attempt to learn it. (sorinaman! oo na! ikaw na magaling :-) I still have a long way to go though.

I tried to recreate the "magazine" effect. The left picture is the original photo. The right is the "photoshoped" version. I need a mentor. I still have a lot to learn. We'll take it one day at a time. ^_^V

Photocredit: Sweetpea.

17 November 2010

Break a Leg

Two days ago, I went to Quiapo to visit a famed camera shop that was said to be offering the best deals for cameras. You see, it's my birthday next week and even though I did not have the money yet, I wanted to check on the best camera deals around. I took the train from Anonas to Recto and from Recto, I transfered to line 1 from D. Jose to Carriedo.

In the D. Jose station platform, the next train was approaching. When the train doors opened, the train car was full, but this certain girl insisted herself inside but couldn't do so. After a few seconds, the warning buzzer activated and the train door started closing. Since she cannot get her self in, she stepped back. When she stepped back, her right foot got caught and was trapped between the  platform edge and the side of the  train.

Since I was the closest person to her, I held her back to prevent her further fall. I yelled at the guard  to stop the train. I gently pulled her back to untangle her trapped leg. In a matter of a split second, suddenly, everyone was trying to help including the guards. Realizing that she's already safe, I quietly stepped back and allowed the people to do the rest of the rescue.

She probably won't remember me. I probably won't remember her either. I just felt really happy that nothing bad happened to her and that I did what I could.

You know, looking back, I realized that maybe angels are not those mythical naked babies with wings. Maybe, angels are those special kindness in our hearts that do not expect anything in return.

15 November 2010

Birthday Wish

My birthday is coming up and my wish for this year is to buy self a new Nikon D90. My love for photos started when I got intrigued with people having photographic memory.  Photos are frozen memories. I want to remember everything. Since memory is not my strength,  the best camera I can buy will surely be a lifelong  investment.

It has been six months since I first dreamed of a Nikon D90 for my birthday. My birthday is ten (10) days from now. I have saved some money but honestly, it is not even close to the purchase price of my camera.

I can take more time and buy my camera after my birthday, but that would have already killed the excitement. To tell you the truth, sometimes I am tempted to buy the downgraded cheaper version of my camera which is the D5000, but that is not the camera that I want.

Being in the right time at the right place creates magic and enchantment. That's I what I want. That's what I need. I want to create that one magical enchanted experience. My birthday. My camera. My moment.

I know. I just can't afford my camera right now -- but I'm still waiting for a miracle.

13 November 2010

Death of Fish

I just so happened to have maintained a small community of fish. A mix of sword-tails, mollies, janitor fish and kataba. That's all in the past tense now because right at this moment - they are all dead.  At the rate of one (1) casualty fish per day, they all...slowly... perished. Something killed all of my fish. I don't know what, but I did everything I can to save them. I bought all fish meds, did water changes, turned on all oxygen sources. I did what I can and by golly I'll do it again.

I don't know why I care so much about these fish. Fish don't show emotions. Fish are never loyal. They are "atheists" so to speak. They are just there for display. They are just trying to survive, just trying to get along.

Maybe it's because of ownership - the feeling that they "belong" to me. Maybe it's because I want to play god - I want them to depend on me just like how we depend on God.

Could it be that I was partly to blame for their death? If so - I killed them. God killed them.

11 November 2010

On Direction

 It's about direction, not necessarily speed.

Wind is often described by two characteristics: wind speed and wind direction. Wind speed is the velocity attained by a mass of air traveling horizontally through the atmosphere. Wind speed is often measured with an anemometer in kilometers per hour (kmph), miles per hour (mph), knots, or meters per second (mps)  Wind direction is measured as the direction from where a wind comes from. For example, a southerly wind comes from the south and blows to the north. Direction is measured by an instrument called a wind vane. Both of these instruments are positioned in the atmospheric environment at a standard distance of 10 meters above the ground surface.

It's about direction, not necessarily speed.


08 November 2010


I passed by the grades school corridors and found a bulletin board dedicated to teaching students how to study. I just wish my teachers taught this to me when was in grade school . I would have been a better student.

1. Manage your time.

2. Study Actively

3. Make a Study Outline

4. Consider ways of studying

5. Stop when you feel confident.

02 November 2010

Climbing Mt. Pulag

"It's very important in life that we keep on challenging ourselves. It is very important to keep on adding value to ourselves. It's very important to keep on sharpening the saw. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. "

It was the fifth of December last year when Sweet Pea and I endeavored  to climb the highest mountain in Luzon. We saved our allowances for a month and joined Travel Factor for an expedition of a lifetime.

Major jump-off: Ambangeg, Kabayan, Benguet

Level and days required: Level 3, 3-5 days
Specs: Major Climb, Difficulty 3/9, Trail class 3

Mt. Pulag is the second highest mountain in the Philippines, the highest being Mt. Apo. It is considered to be the playground of the gods.

Preparing our backpacks with mountaineering essentials, tent, food, camping gear...
Meet up at a certain bus station in Cubao. Destination... Baguio.

In Baguio, a chartered jeep was waiting for us to bring us to the  Ranger Station, another three hour journey in winding roads of the mountain province.

In the DENR Protected Area Station, climbers get to be oriented on the history of Mt. Pulag, the do's and don'ts, and what to do in times of emergencies.

If you get to the summit of Mt. Pulag, you get to leave something at the "memory lane" corner of the ranger station. The Ranger Station is another three hours of uphill rough roads from the DENR Protected Area Office...

The trek begins.

Camp two. Setting up our tent.

Off to the peak! Checking on our night gears. We have to trek at night to get to the peak before sun rise. At this point, we had very little clue what to expect.

It was extremely cold. There was literally ice on our wet jackets. It was -3 degrees and I am not kidding you.

Summit oh yes, 1.5 KM nalang! wooohoo..

We are very thankful to Chips Delight. We don't know what it is made out of,  but it gave us the extra boost we needed. Hungry, tired, sleepy... Chips Delight saved us. We would not have made it without Chips Delight. Only Chips Delight will do! Now, Chips Delight send us more of that stuff! :)

Tay, Ma, Ryan (my brother) Anje (my sister) WE MADE IT at the TOP of Mt. Pulag! This climb is dedicated to my family.

Finally, we reached the peak before sun rise.  Here you see, the sun is about to rise above the clouds. It an astonishing sight.

There there... breath-taking. This is life. I live for this kind of things - the beauty and drama. Of course you have to make sacrifices if you want to reach the top. More than 14 hours of travel time by bus, jeep, and by foot is no-joke.

This is my favorite photo. I didn't even know I have taken this very unique pic until I've reviewed my photo folder again days after.

Look at the clouds. We are above the clouds, like a sea of cotton candy. I fancy swimming/flying in there!

The trail back to camp was still astounding! I never expected the  grassland trail to be golden as this.

As a proof you made it to the summit, you get to leave your picture at the Ranger station's memory lane.

Bucket List:
1. Climb a mountain.-DONE!
2. xxx

01 November 2010

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea

September 25, 2010

Dear Sweet Pea,

Happy Birthday!

I know, it rained on your birthday and a lot of our friends were not able to come to the little party we prepared. We got stranded in Espana for hours, the streets were all flooded. But all is well that ends well, we were able to pull it off anyway together with Vincent, Anje, Ace, and Angel, (we already know who our true friends are *wink).

I was pretty glad that I did not buy that watch that I was supposed to give you as present. I was glad I secretly learned that it was not your type. So, instead, we spent the money on a shopping spree. You got to choose your gift(s) and we both enjoyed the experience. On your special day, someone also gave you  very lucky charm bracelets that are suppose to keep you very lucky for as long as they can. Remember that it is very important that you do not let anyone wear those but you. The lady whom the bracelets were bought from performed secret rituals to summon the lucky spirits to be in those bracelets :)

There's just one thing I don't like about birthdays, and that is - we have to get older. I kinda wish we don't have to get older so we can live together forever. But if birthdays mean we have to get old, It would be my pleasure to grow old with you. heart heart xoxo. Rah.