02 November 2010

Climbing Mt. Pulag

"It's very important in life that we keep on challenging ourselves. It is very important to keep on adding value to ourselves. It's very important to keep on sharpening the saw. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. "

It was the fifth of December last year when Sweet Pea and I endeavored  to climb the highest mountain in Luzon. We saved our allowances for a month and joined Travel Factor for an expedition of a lifetime.

Major jump-off: Ambangeg, Kabayan, Benguet

Level and days required: Level 3, 3-5 days
Specs: Major Climb, Difficulty 3/9, Trail class 3

Mt. Pulag is the second highest mountain in the Philippines, the highest being Mt. Apo. It is considered to be the playground of the gods.

Preparing our backpacks with mountaineering essentials, tent, food, camping gear...
Meet up at a certain bus station in Cubao. Destination... Baguio.

In Baguio, a chartered jeep was waiting for us to bring us to the  Ranger Station, another three hour journey in winding roads of the mountain province.

In the DENR Protected Area Station, climbers get to be oriented on the history of Mt. Pulag, the do's and don'ts, and what to do in times of emergencies.

If you get to the summit of Mt. Pulag, you get to leave something at the "memory lane" corner of the ranger station. The Ranger Station is another three hours of uphill rough roads from the DENR Protected Area Office...

The trek begins.

Camp two. Setting up our tent.

Off to the peak! Checking on our night gears. We have to trek at night to get to the peak before sun rise. At this point, we had very little clue what to expect.

It was extremely cold. There was literally ice on our wet jackets. It was -3 degrees and I am not kidding you.

Summit oh yes, 1.5 KM nalang! wooohoo..

We are very thankful to Chips Delight. We don't know what it is made out of,  but it gave us the extra boost we needed. Hungry, tired, sleepy... Chips Delight saved us. We would not have made it without Chips Delight. Only Chips Delight will do! Now, Chips Delight send us more of that stuff! :)

Tay, Ma, Ryan (my brother) Anje (my sister) WE MADE IT at the TOP of Mt. Pulag! This climb is dedicated to my family.

Finally, we reached the peak before sun rise.  Here you see, the sun is about to rise above the clouds. It an astonishing sight.

There there... breath-taking. This is life. I live for this kind of things - the beauty and drama. Of course you have to make sacrifices if you want to reach the top. More than 14 hours of travel time by bus, jeep, and by foot is no-joke.

This is my favorite photo. I didn't even know I have taken this very unique pic until I've reviewed my photo folder again days after.

Look at the clouds. We are above the clouds, like a sea of cotton candy. I fancy swimming/flying in there!

The trail back to camp was still astounding! I never expected the  grassland trail to be golden as this.

As a proof you made it to the summit, you get to leave your picture at the Ranger station's memory lane.

Bucket List:
1. Climb a mountain.-DONE!
2. xxx


engel said...

love the view from the top. breathtaking. :)

p0kw4ng said...

awww kakainggit! nagsimula na akong umakyat dati ng bundok..natigil lang kasi nag buntis ako!!

pangarap ko pa ding umakyat ng matataas na bundok...di pa naman huli db? hihihi

khantotantra said...

Ang ganda ng view lalo na nung golden damuhan. Parang sa mga movies lang makikita pero meron pala dito sa pinas. :D

glentot said...

oh my freaking gooch that pic where the sun rises over the clouds... it makes me wanna smile and be grateful.

Layla said...

ang galing! :) maganda yung pic sa grassland, yung pauwi/pababa na kayo. :)

VICTOR said...

I have been wondering if climbs are as fun when done alone. Probably not.

sterndal said...


lagi din ako aya ng high school friend ko kaso lang ...

yay! kakatamad naman

akyat sa bundok

pero dahil sa post na ito

i think reconsider ko :)

parang maganda maglagay sa blog ng pics hehehee :)

pero gusto ko mt. pinatubo

sterndal said...

ay tama

dapat talaga mt. pinatubo akyatin ko

solor flight

tas timing naman pumuputok putok yung bulkan

tas piktyuran ko sarili ko habang hawak ko ang karatula na nakasulat:

"family, friends, countrymen, BYE!"


kidding aside, try ko talaga :)

pusang kalye said...

huwaaaw!!!ikaw na. di kaya ng powers ni pusangkalye to. si panda kayang-kaya. hahaha. diko alam kung ma-eenjoy ko ang hike eh. pero in your case looks like you nejoyed it som much and fulfilling talaga. I am glad you decided to take on a bold endeavor like this. liberating and empowering diba?

Hannah said...

oh wow! the view is just breathtaking! I definitely want to try this.

darklady said...

wow! ang saya naman nyan!! love it!!

sweet pea said...

i can still remember the cold...brrrrr

next stop - mount kinabalu!!! this time..leather gloves and warmers are a must !

darklady said...

hi po, may award po ako sayo sa blog ko. paki visit na lang. ^_^

Rah said...

@dark, thank you dark sa award. I appreciate it.

@sweet pea, next year, akyatin naman natin ang highest mountain peak in South east asia! :) mt. kinabalu here we come.

Anonymous said...

na mis ko ang umakyat...thanks for sharing! it reminds me of my college days. God Bless...jeff of NJ,USA

Bugsy said...

hi I'm Geng Domingo, brand manager of Chips Delight. I read your blog about our cookies & I would like to send more. If possible can I get your contact no. & address so I'll know where to send it:)

Thank you again:)

rah said...

Hello mis Geng domingo :) Please send us more Chips Delight. We really really really love chips delight. Please tell us where we can send our contanct no. and address. :) Yey. :)

Bugsy said...

Hi, kindly call us at 723-4353 loc.822 just look for me or Ms. Cecile Q. Thanks:)

Bugsy said...

hi:) kindly cal us at 723-4353 loc.822. Just look for me or Ms.Cecile Q.. Thanks:)