19 November 2010

The Death of NU 107

N.U. 107.5 is dead. Fewer listeners equals fewer advertisers equals fewer income. That's why if you turn your radio dial to 107.5 what you will hear is a corny jokester station playing baduy-style music.

Fortunes change, that is true with radio stations. It wasn't NU's time to die yet, but  it lost its appeal because it failed to reinvent itself. NU forgot the rock scene is evolving - it is just  not about the heavy metal sounds and emo-people anymore. NU thought their formula had been done that way for many years therefore it must be good and should stay the same. Wrong.

Maybe it was also NU's neglect of the local music scene. There are so many upcoming Filipino artists, yet NU gave them very little airtime and recognition. No new talent spawned. That's why you will notice that in NU rock awards the same bands win every year. To maintain its "sosyal" image,  NU chose to give more airtime to foreign bands that were simply  too bland for the taste of  pinoys.

Shame on its management for converting NU to a cheapster baduy radio in the tradition of "kailangan pa bang imemorize yan." But then again, we can't blame them. As investors, they care about profit more than art. Maybe it is time to realize that "the home of new rock" is just old  and has lost its being "rock." NU is dead, what can we do? Nothing. That's life, sometimes we die.


gillboard said...

maybe i was never emo when i was younger, so i haven't listened to that station before.

but still, it's too bad what happened to NU. i've read alot of outrage about the change.

glentot said...

I have never listened to that station but I see it in ads. And my cousin was horribly affected by it so it must have been that good.

p0kw4ng said...

dati dyan din ako nakikinig!! pero matagal na ding hindi..mula nong umalis ako ng pinas 9 years ago,hihihi

you know my name said...

affected ako dito... so sad :( well, like what you've said, that's life. nothing's permanent.