29 November 2010

Lucky Birthday

siopao debut
For many many years now, I usually feel melancholy blues during my birthday season, but this year it did not happen. Yes!

On the eve of my birthday, Sweet pea and I made Siopao. We bought the ingredients and followed the recipe. I admire Sweetpea's skill in following measurements to the letter.  It's a skill I don't have. I usually just estimate the ingredients and ruin the meal. But for my part, I helped knead the dough , wrap the asado in the siopao bun, and steam the siopao.

While waiting for the siopao to cook, we scratched the instant lotto scratch cards we bought that night using our lucky coin. We won 100 Pesos! I'm quite lucky this year. I'm saying that, not just because I always win in instant scratch cards, but this year, a lot of fortunate events really happened to me.

At 12 am,  November 25,  I opened my gift from Sweetpea :) She gave me a really cool camera bag, a very pretty one I should say :) Now if I can just put an actual camera in my new cam bag. :) I haven't bought the camera yet. It seems all the stores have run out of stock.

Thank you Sweetpea for making my day very special :*

Jeez, I'm old. Yes! :)



POY said...

happy birthday parekoy!!! wish u all the best in life and stay healthy all the time!! nga pala parekoy sabi ni khekz sakin may band daw kayo eh usap tayo sa ym ko ha kwento mo sakin hehehehe

pusang kalye said...

Rah--alo Rah--kit lens lang ng d3000. 18-55mm.

pusang kalye said...

alo Rah. naku late napala ako sa pagbati ng happy birthday. pahabol ha. hehehe. wag ka na malungkot kasi, always think that if you have evrything, what's there to look forward to?

sandali--ikaw ba yung sa pic na gumagawa ng photo. hehehe

again--happy birthday!!!

glentot said...

Happy Birthday!

p0kw4ng said...

hapi bertdey rah!!!!

pengeng siopao!! hihihihi

Anonymous said...

happy birthday! nagutom ako bigla.. tsk. pasiopao ka naman!! :D

poorprince said...

happy birthday dude wish you all the best in life

Rah said...

thank you poy, pusang kalye, glentot, miss pokwang, mis chikletz, pareng poor prince sa pagbati :) naway umasenso tayong lahat :) yehey! :)

Angel said...

You deserve to be happy. :)

Also, i bet you are going to have a very happy Christmas ths year! : )

Happy Birthday! Where na si camcam?

Tsina said...

ganyan din ako pag birthday ko, may birthday blues.

happy birthday. =)

BatangGala said...

belated happy birthday po! :)

Rah said...

thanks angelicake, tsi and batang gala :)