23 November 2010


I want a nikon camera
Two (2) days to go before my birthday! :) You are invited to our house for an eat all you can treat.

I opened my piggybank last night to check my savings and wow, isn't that a lot of cash. I can survive a year with this stash. I was thinking, "is it right to spend all of this money on a new camera?" I am starting to think twice. Parting with money like this will hurt.

Six (6) months ago, I just wanted a cheap point and shoot,  but now with the flourishing of the imagination,  so much choices, overlapping features, and price increments of just  a couple of hundreds to step up to the next higher model,  it has come to a point of confusion. I know I should not buy anything I cannot afford, but I should not haste on an important decisions either. I am not planning to upgrade my camera for the next 10 years. That's why I am not taking this lightly.

It is hard when you have to base an important decision on  reason and intuition. I need a clear mind.  "Just do it" should be checked by "When in doubt - don't," or maybe I should just wait a bit.


ching said...

you definitely have to weight things a lot. :)

Anonymous said...

Hmm... Suggestion. Answer this question please..

"What do you need the camera for? Why do you need it? NEED.. not WANT.. Do you really need it.. or do you just want it?"

Answer that question, the moment of confusion will surely pass.

Anonymous said...

...una sa lahat advance hapi bertdei rah~
hmmmm kung di pa talga sapat money mo wag munang pilitin,,malay mo darating ang time na marami ka na talgang money tapos mas magandang camera pa mabibili mo...

ang tinatamad mag log in ahihi

Rah said...

@ching, you are definitely right :)

@leah, I need a cam to freeze time, i;m getting old. Need or want. I want it, i don't necessarily need it. I have 2 cameras, an old canon pointenshoot, and an underwater film cam... I just want it. My life is hard, I "want" to be indemnified for my sleepless nights. hehe.. something like that.

@unni, hi unni... Kaya nga tumataya ako sa lotto. pag manalo ako. lahat kayo, libre ko ng camera. :)

glentot said...

Oh no... when in doubt, splurge! You know you deserve this little treat hehehe...

gillboard said...

seryoso ba yang invite na yan?

regarding your purchase, ask yourself, is it what you really need? sabi nga, di lahat ng may dslr photographer. :D