10 December 2010

Dina's Debut

We took Dina (my new cam) to her first assignment, to shoot a wedding. A discovery: Sweet Pea takes  better photos than I do. She took the best and sharpest photos of the night :)

Paco Park Manila. I thought I was supposed to be the cord sponsor,  it turned out it was just my imagination.  I was really the candle sponsor and I had to give the cord back :)

The three musketeers - Marvin, Glen, and Rah.

The newlyweds Myra Alas and Lucky Cornel. Congratulations and best wishes!

The Reception was at a 7107 Islands Luxury Cruise Ship, Pier 6, North Harbor, Manila

Portrait of Sweet Pea,. I was also  trying capture a "bokeh." 

Pier 6 North Harbor view from our ship. Sweet Pea took this photo. She's walking tripod. Sharp even at a long shutter speed handheld. I tried to replicate this but failed miserably. Nice steady hands Sweet Pea :)

Dina didn't fail us. She delivered beyond our expectations... 


Will said...

Nice photos! Galing ni Dina. :D

Anonymous said...

buti pa c sweet pea mo steady ang kamay ahihi~~~
bakit sau rah indi?peace....
nice yung last photo,,,very very like~~~


gillboard said...

i love the wedding kiss photo. i like the effect.

ganda ng slr. :)

p0kw4ng said...

wow di pasmado si sweet pea!!

parang nag aapoy lang na pier yung last..ang ganda!

ching said...

dina and all of you are looking good.
bokeh are always fun!

glentot said...

Natural si Sweet Pea, you should ask her to take more photos hehehe