23 January 2011

How to Become a Money Magnet Seminar Reviewed

"One main reason why most people today remain broke is because they never really found a way how to manage their money..."

-John Calub, Success Coach

Saturday, January 22, 2011, SMX Convention Center. Sweet Pea and I attended a seminar on how to become a money magnet. The talk was delivered by the success coach John Calub and was attended by an estimate of 3,000 people. The talk was from 8:00am to 7:00 pm.

I learned about the seminar when John Calub was featured in a local  talk show last Friday.  The original price of attending the seminar was 8,000 pesos, but he proposed waiving his fee except for 250 Pesos cost of seminar materials. Intrigued by the huge discount deal and by topic of the seminar itself, I decided to attend.

1. The seminar was a gathering of people who want to become wealthy.
2. John Calub shared success principles he learned from his mentors and the books he read.
3. He urged the participants to abandon the "poor man's mentality" and instead shift to the way wealthy people think.
4. He featured a very rare book worth 5Million Pesos. Part of his collection of self help books on wealth.
5. He invited attendees to buy  limited edition memorabilia like CDs and shirts.
6. He invited attendees to enroll in his other self- help seminars.
7. He introduced a system of principles to help you save and manage money.
8. He introduced action steps on how to acquire the habit of attracting money.

According to the speaker, to attract money, follow these principles:

Never limit your potential. YOU AND I HAVE INFINITE POTENTIAL.
What are the Limiting Beliefs?
1. Money is the root of all evil.
2. Rich people are bad and greedy.
3. Hindi importante ang pera, importante masaya  tayo.
4. You have to work hard for money. No pain, no gain.
5. You cannot be rich if you stay in the Philippines.
6. Pag maikli ang kumot, matutong mamaluktot.
7. Wealth is "either or"
8. Knowledge is power.

"Look at your partner and say ' friend, we have a multi-
millionaire mind. Apir!"
The Limiting Beliefs should instead be reprogrammed to Empowering Beliefs:
1. The greed of money is the root of all evil. It is a sin to be poor.
2. I can be rich and spiritual at the same time.
3. Money is important in all areas of life.
4. Money comes to me easily and frequently.
5. I can be rich wherever I am.
6. Pag maikli ang kumot, bumili ng mas malaki.
7. I can have it all.
8. Wisdom is power. Wisdom is knowledge in action.


meaning, if you want to be wealthy the first step is "feeling wealthy inside."
"Have fun, feel good, it's all been done!"

Understanding the laws of the universe and applying it in one's life.

1. The law of attraction. Think only of what you want and not of what you do not want.

2. The law of tithing. All humans are required to surrender to God a portion of what he receives. God gives, god also takes.

3. The law of giving. When you give, you receive. Good vibes.

4. The law of cause and effect. What you sow is what you reap. What goes around, comes around. Karma.

5. The law of forgiveness. Detach your self from that hurt.

6. The law of gestation. There is a season for everything. You can't put a date on every dream. Only God knows when what you want will come.

7. The law of polarity. Negative and positive. Yin and yang. Oneness of opposites.  There is a good side to every bad situation, and vice versa.

8. The law of abundance. God surely did not intend everyone to be poor.
Jesus himself was wealthy. Sin - means "missing the mark" in its original language root word.

9. The law of rhythm. No matter how  good you are, there will be seasons of high and seasons of low.

10. Law of circulation - Everything is created by energy. Energy flows. It cannot be created nor destroyed. Good energy. Negative energy. If you want to get rich spend your money with "no guilt". Guilt produces negative energy. Wealth is intended to be circulated. When your money circulates, more money will come.

Remind yourself with these empowering beliefs:

1. I always have money that I will never need.

2. My money works hard for me and makes me more and more money.

3. Whenever I spend money, more money comes to me. (guided by the laws of the universe on wealth)

4. I always make decisions that are for the highest good of all concerned including my self.

Bottom line:

The seminar is interactive, fun, and a new approach in motivating you to manage and create money. Some of the points of the speaker may be controversial for some.

I realized in attending this seminar that achieving wealth is possible, I just have to understand the laws of the universe and apply it to my life. Most importantly I realized that wealth (just like success) is a state of mind. To be able to be wealthy outside, wealth must be felt in the inside. It pays  to "feel good first." When you feel good first -- the ways and means to attract money (money magnet) will suggest themselves.

Should you probably attend the seminar?

Short answer - Yes.

Favorite Quotes:

"Everyone who works hard will become poor! Don't work hard, work smart."

"Make a dream board and paste all your dreams in it. Imagine that you are already successful."

"Before sleeping and after waking up, get a glass of water and tell that water your dreams. Drink that water."

"If you're happy, you will attract money."                                -John Calub


ching said...

i enjoyed reading this. i dont know why but when you said "i have a multi millionaire mind", i remembered reading that from a book i just randomly read from National bookstore.haha

ro anne said...

agree ako sa lahat ng nabanggit :)

try also bo sanchez's truly rich club... dun naman he'll teach you how stock market works and how you invest money and also in faith :)

haven't tried though but i love reading his works :)

khantotantra said...

tama yung law of attraction at feel good vibes.

meron akong nabasang book noon na how to grow and be rich something na title.

Anonymous said...

Really really nice entry. Very... informative? yeah.. Inspiring? yes.. I've attended a seminar like this one noon... maybe a couple of years ago. Though, it was my loss, kasi medyo hindi ako nakinig noon.. Hihi. :)

Medyo malayo lang sa entry (which is about getting rich, basically) tong comment ko,, but it's related.. medyo. hehe..

Years ago.. my life's a mess. Well, it's still a mess hanggang ngayon, hehe.. pero I'm fixing it na. Punong-puno ako ng negative vibes.. negative thoughts.. hindi na nagagawa, iniisip na hindi na kaya. Hindi pa nata-try, natatakot na agad.. typical me. And then, I realized na.. I was living in fear... and in the past. Parang.. sa dinami dami ng regrets, frustrations, etc.. parang hindi ako nakapag move on. and then came, the break up.. parang wrong timing lahat.

BUt then, my family and I had a small talk.. about life and love. Dun ko narealize.. I have to let go of things, sometime.. somehow.. then learn to love myself and to love life.

Just like in your post.. the law of forgiveness.. the law of attraction... the law of rhythm.. I'm now applying these three laws of the universe sa life ko.. and then try to live LIFE.. or not just try, but to really live LIFE.

I'm thinking, the moment that I'd feel happiness within me.. sa aking sarili, things would just fall into place.. Health, love and of course, WEALTH. Ehehehe!!

Sensya na, medyo mahaba.. You're right. Don't just work hard, work SMART.

poks said...

galing! inspiring! sulit ang binayad db?

nabasa ko yung book ni Robert Kiyosaki na Rich Dad Poor Dad..ganito din yun...ang gandang basahin...

bago kong bahay Rah!

Rah said...

@ching that "we have a multi-millionaire mind" is the audience affirmation. He would require us to tell our seat mate, "friend, we have a multi-millionaire mind. Apir!" Even after the seminar, it kept repeating in my mind, like I was hypnotized. :)

@roanne, binabasa ko din yung yung blog ni bo sanchez, i think sa blogsite mo ko nakuha yung link. marami pang ibang mga motivational speakers, and mostly pareho naman sila ng sinasabi, iba lang yung style at approach. But i like Bo Sanchez.

@khanto, Think and Grow Rich yon ni Napoleon Hill. Super ok din yong libro na yon. May copy ako non, kaso kinagat kagat na ata ng aso, di ko na makita.. :) hehe

@leah, tama ka jan leah, sa totoo lang mahirap ang maging successful and to feel bad at the same time. Ika nga doon sa habasa ko "Success is a journey, not a destination. Ganon din siguro pagdating sa happiness at health, IT IS NOT A DESTINATION. Yon ay ang biyahe patungo doon. If happiness is a journey, then CLAIM it. :) Of course, we should be aware of the foundational laws of the universe. Time tested na yon.

@poks, thanks. Nabasa ko din yung Rich Dad Poor Dad, Sa totoo, medyo magkapareho nga lang sila ng proposition. Nakakainspire talaga yung Rich Dad Poor Dad. Doon ko first narealise na hindi pala masama ang pera. Ang masama greed. Bahay ba? Simulan na nating pagipunan! :)

gillboard said...

ang ganda naman nito. salamat sa pagshare!!! ganda ng mga points niya. makes sense. :P

Ardee said...

I attended the said seminar as well. John's techniques were reaffirmations that we can all be wealthy. High five!;)

Rah said...

@gillboard, welcome.
try mo dn pumunta if ever my time ka :)

@ardee, kung nandon ka din, nagkita siguro tayo :)
That's the perfect way to describe it, reaffirmation talaga siya. It gives hope din. Some of his points are not new, but it's the way he presented it that i like. "We have a multi millionaire mind. apir!"

glentot said...

"It is a sin to be poor." I agree and actually like this. It is a sin against oneself. It is an indication of not having strived enough, not acting disciplined enough, not trying hard enough. Life is not unfair. In fact life is very fair and square. Not everyone has everything. Some people may not have money but they don't let it stop there. This post is so inspiring, I want to start making my first million tomorrow!

rah said...

@glentot - Pag mayaman ka na sir glen, balatuan mo ako ha :) ACtually, it's not impossible to make your first million. I wouldn't be surprised kung mayaman ka na bukas na bukas din :) Sabi nila, Being wealthy is a habit, is more of the habit, rather than a destination. Bili ka ng alkansya. :)

rico de buco said...

Being wealthy is a habit, is more of the habit, rather than a destination.

I like 100000000000000000 times hahaha.

i will try to save now. maybe saving will work for me. and im planning to buy my own piggy bank. mhrap ng mging mhrap tlg

Axl Powerhouse Production Inc, said...

wahha ang kulit... so mahilig ka pala sumama sa mga ganyan,.,, sayang wala ako dian may event ako yung time na yan... :D

Jag said...

I think it's like Bo Sanchez's...cguro it's about time to get rich kaya aattend ako ng mga ganyan hahaha...and my friend told me that Bo is coming to town weeee!!!500 ang registration...

Thanks for sharing this...

Xprosaic said...

Yun Oh! Parang nakaattend na rin kami sa dami mong naishare... hehehehhehe... Thanks for all those info... hehehehhe

Cseamus said...

Mayaman ang Pilipinas. It's the distribution of wealth that causes problems. The rich would always want more and would always take advantage of the poor. The poor would always feel victimized and would not emulate the rich.

Greedy corporate executives would always want more. Even if they are filthy rich already, and their company is already earning, they would still want more. That's why gasoline companies and pharmaceutical companies keep on raising their prices, and they invest in sales and marketing. Greed makes this capitalist shithole go 'round.

Sendo said...

gusto ko lahat nung sinabi niya..lalo na ung dont work hard, but work smart. at yung God doesn't just give, but also takes. I'm glad that Calub based his seminar on God's perspective.... ^^

Jeffrey Macasaet said...

Nice one.
Ang ganda ng article :D